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Miguel Almiron


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13 minutes ago, RobinRobin said:

Fucking useless to the rest of us 🙁 

Don’t think that’s particularly fair. He was a good player in a pretty shite England team. He’d have been a really good T/20 player. He was a very good county player. 

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10 hours ago, The Fish said:

God, he's an odd looking bugger, isn't he? 

lizard GIF


He's always looked like a sprinting lizard to me, the way he skims across the ground at speed. 🖤🤍

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Grealish was drunk up lad with a camera put in his face. He'd just won the League and was partying! 


I think the term 'Almiron' must mean something to Grealish/Bernardo and just be a inside joke - likely coming from whenever Bruce had to play Man City.


At least Grealish has a personality to even say it in the first place! Can't go a day without an ex-pro regaling a Gazza or Brian Clough story..  


Southgate won't play Foden because he got caught trying to bang some Icelandic. Southgate has PTSD of playing with Gascoigne/Merson - he's allergic to flair/creativity. 








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