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Jeff Hendrick


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We sign a distinctly average 28 year old midfielder who BURNLEY have let go on a free and hes crowing about improving us :lol:


I know plenty of Burnley fans, none of them really give a shit that he's leaving and if that doesn't say all there is to say about this signing I don't know what does.

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On 2/13/2006 at 22:14, Ugly Mackems said:

Is starting to fulifill all the credentials that Freddie looks for in a manager.


Taking a mediocre Club down.


Is a cunt.


Get him signed Fred - you know it makes sense.


On 2/21/2006 at 08:49, Ugly Mackems said:


As much as I would like to think Hitzfeld would think positively about joining us I'm pretty certain it isn't going to happen and think there is in reality more chance of Steve Bruce getting the job - which would see me end my long long association with NUFC.



On 3/3/2010 at 13:19, Ugly Mackems said:


Thanks Mr Bruce you completely shite person/manager.


On 1/18/2011 at 15:33, Ugly Mackems said:

Short could drop rancid dog shit soaked in Darren Bents piss on his head and Bruce wouldn't leave the biggest job he'll ever have.


I hope that helps.

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