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Ayatollah Hermione

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28 minutes ago, Howay said:

Aye, disgraceful really but given Mike Deans comments about how refs like himself, and likely many others, are basically corrupt cunts it’s not a surprise. 


Absolutely! Mike Dean's comments should be a real "the king has no clothes" moment for the adjudicators of the game to realise that the referees carry around way too much biases to ever be effective as impartial judges. Dean's comment doesn't reveal his bias. It reveals the biases that every person who refuses to acknowledge such biases possesses. And even once admitted, even then, it's a constant battle in the dark for all of us. The accidental nature of Dean's revelation -- accidental at least in the scope of what it reveals to anyone with eyes -- only goes to show the level of arrogance these muppets walk around with in believing they're above the simple biases of every typical human being. If this were taken as an opportunity for referees to learn about the ways in which they are human like the rest of us, then perhaps it'd be an opportunity to develop. I would be surprised. It's much more likely that Dean is treated like a modern-day Machiavelli, who having pointed out how the system works, must now be ostracized for doing so in order to separate him from the rest of the armada of corrupt roaches who have no interest in admitting how the game is played.

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