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Ayatollah Hermione

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10 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

ASM thought that about Newcastle, just sayin’ Sheila. 





Im from woop woop, not some city bitch, ill put 2 in your chest 


angry desperate housewives GIF


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14 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

“With this second incident, it’s becoming a bad night for Burnley. First the pitch invader, now a red card” :lol: You worry that some people look at getting twatted by Man City 3-0 as a good result.


This is all Burnley mean to me.


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14 minutes ago, Kevin Carr's Gloves said:

I seem to be watching 2 blokes rimming Spurs as they scrape a draw against Brentford.

They implied Brentford should've beaten us last season because Toney missed a pen without mentioning the cunty var decision that gave that pen so they could fuck off anyway for me. 

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Not impressed by either team here so far. Might be famous last words, but looking at how open Liverpool still are, we could really give them a good trouncing in a few weeks. Especially given that they won't be sitting back obviously, as a lot of teams will when they visit us. Unless Klopp becomes substantially more conservative in his selection, and very quickly gets Lavia or whoever in as DM. 

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It seems to me that Liverpool and Chelsea are still a step below us.


Chelsea have good players, but Pochettino still doesn't know what to play (I'm surprised he chose 3-5-2) and I think Mudryk is going to be very, very good when he adapts to the rhythm of the Premier League.


Liverpool finished last season at a very high level, but I think they are going to suffer a lot from Fabinho's loss (they have a very weak and weak midfield), that Salah (who is going to continue scoring a lot of goals) is not the player from 3-4 years ago and that if they don't find a scorer in Darwin Nuñez they will suffer a lot in tight games.

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