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    Spotted at an NRL game in Oz today
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    You want to lay off the Whyte & McKay mate
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    This is worth 5mins of everyone’s time...
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    My dad tried to watch the 55 final at his granny's house as she was one of the very few who had a TV in Byker. The trouble is he had two grandmothers, one who was lovely and one who hated him and was horrible and preferred my late uncle who was a bit of a waste of space. Guess which granny had the TV? The TV had only just warmed up before my old man was discovered and chased out. My dad's not a bitter or resentful man at all and rarely speaks ill of others he knows but an old teacher and one TV owning granny always get it in the neck if the subject ever comes up.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/may/30/this-man-knows-hes-dying-as-surely-as-i-do-a-doctors-dispatches-from-intensive-care?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Gmail If you think that last one was grim....
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    Christ, you’re on that beach more than Mitch Buchannon
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    The leadership, like here, is fucking shite but how stupid do you have to be to put yourself into a dangerous situation like that?
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    Only 19% of Bundesliga games have been home wins since games resumed after lockdown https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11994364/bundesliga-results-suggest-premier-league-home-advantage-will-be-wiped-out
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    “If I may say so Captain Mainwaring these premier league chaps do seem to be taking rather a long time to make their minds up..”
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    Yeh he went to a few class ones & gave a lot of programmes away, I got the remainder of the collection. The first of which is this : https://www.thenationalfootballcollection.org.uk/great-britain-vs-rest-of-europe-may-1947/ (Lots or random FA Cup finals in there too & a lot England games at Wembley)
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    I mean, what the fuck? No enquiry into Cummings. An enquiry into Durham police forces handling of the Mekon headed cunt's dalliance. This country is going down in flames holding hands with the USA and Brazil.
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    can you go round and stab the American bitch in the throat? That might stop her taking the boys.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/29/durham-police-facing-possible-inquiry-into-handling-of-cummings-case Someone else getting in trouble for Cummings' trip. Must be nice to be untouchable.

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