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Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

What does Pardew Deserve?  

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Surprised Chez Given didn’t just install him as his PA if he’s available on those sort of wages. Imagine the champagne enemas that they could’ve had together 

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Ashley is a sadistic bastard.



What was that quote from lambias again? "They don't know how nasty we can get", or something wasn't it?


What's next? The mass slaughter of first born sons?

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Pardew is likely to stay on as Newcastle United manager.


The Chronicle understands that Pardew has been told his job is "safe" and that he now begin preparing for the 2014/15 season.


The Magpies are set to announce the news in due course but Pardew and his backroom staff will remain at St James' Park next term.


Pardew pocketed a bonus on Sunday for leading the team to a top 10 finish, which had been the target at the start of the season.


This from The Chronicle Live.

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Ideally they stop being match goers. Making the decision to renew and turning up on day 1 intent on protest is beyond stupid.

Aye this, I havent renewed this year. First time since 2001. Lose 145 loyalty points but I cant sit through it anymore with Ashley and Pardew at the helm.

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`the demands of Champions League football next season, they face a big challenge to repeat the feat. Liverpool’s squad was left untested by European football this year which helped them to enjoy such a brilliant and vibrant second half of the season.`





helps explain last years dip in form on the long march to the top of the pile for NUFC.


I dont rate pardews tactics, but he manages for lge points rather than for entertainment. WHich is acceptable really. The naiive folk who actually go and watch the team play, may be upset, but the reality is this was a backfoot season. The team will get strenthened this time around. HOever whether the new players can gel together, is a much harder question......we beound to recruit from foerign climes (cheapish).


Personally, I would prefer to hear john carver speak in post match interviews. Pardew thinks she hes a silver toungued diplomat and we hang on his every word, which shows hes a egotastic fantasit; he generally talks complete crap.


If i was incharge, id move pardew upstairs, and bring that french manager in. However ashley probably doesnt have the comon sense to do that!

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Can't believe there's going to be another season with Pardew in charge. After everything he's said and done. And just look at some of the stats HF has posted. Shocking.


Don't think I can listen to any more of his drivel either. Embarrassing took have a prick like him in charge of the team.

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