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Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

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If the premier league season started and ended in a single calandar year, we'd be dead certs to lose our place in it (I'm surprised we're only about 5th favourites in the betting at the moment. I don't know what Palace and West Brom have done to look more likely to be relegated than us.)If Ashleys only concern is not losing money and getting worldwide exposure for Sports Direct then he must be concerned that we will lose our place in the premier league given the form we've had for the past 9 month. He can surely see that if we keep going the way we are then we will go down. He can surely see that Pardew hasn't got a clue what to do to turn things around and he can surely see (like everyone else) that Pardew now looks dead on his feet (even those who have any belief in the bloke conceed he looks a beaten man now).There has to be another reason preventing him from sacking him. I can only think of three reasons he could have. A) He thinks of Pardew as a mate and so doesn't want to sack him. This doesn't really track with Ashley's reputation as a business man and doesn't fit in with the way he hangs Pardew out to dry with the press and the fans. B.) He wants to see us suffer. While I can imagine him being a cunt like that I don't think he would do it at such an expense to himself. C) He's waiting for some sort of financial reason. This is the only thing that makes any sense to me.

I think Ashley's done with us now and by sticking with Pardew will deliver us the ultimate kick in the nuts before he sells up and leaves I.e. relegation. It will be his own spiteful way of getting his own back for the YFCB song the sackpardew.com campaign, the bedsheets, banners & protests. His attitude will be you wanted me out, I'm out & I've left you Championship football as a goodbye present. We all know he always has an ulterior motive when he does something this is how I think it's going to pan out.

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Surprised Chez Given didn’t just install him as his PA if he’s available on those sort of wages. Imagine the champagne enemas that they could’ve had together 

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He's not going to do that - it'll be worth a lot more on the sell if we're still in the Prem. The man may be cold and unfeeling about football, but I honestly don't think he cares about us enough to even do something spiteful. As far as he's concerned, as long as we're buying tickets, we may as well not exist. All other decisions made are down to the financials.


EDIT - I was replying to Trooper there, for the avoidance of confusion.

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Pardew is also a grown man who can resign at any time if it's really bothering him. We're basically seeing a football management version of a "What would you do for a million quid?" question.

He'll never walk, he's never walked before, he's always had to be paid off.

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His personal wealth has trebled since he bought the club for £55 million, of course he can write it off if it means he walks away knowing he's fucked us up.

He can write it off but that doesn't mean he will.


Wasnt he worth about £2bn when he bought us? It dropped after but he's worth nearly £4bn now so it's nearer doubled. Not that it matters to this discussion, I'm just being pedantic.

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I dont believe for a minute we'll see the back of Ashley till he trousers a handsome profit from owning us. That's the only thing that matters to him. I therefore think he'll sack Pardew at the point he thinks our PL status is threatened, I'm just staggered he hasn't got there already given our run over the last 26 games and the way the team has performed in that time.

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Think Mash knows a lot more about football now than we give him credit for...Whatever his personal failings and his obvious cuntishness he won't let the club be relegated again. Back in the day when he used to wander around with all his business stuff in plastic bags people were laughing behind his back...4bn pounds later I think that's died down a bit. :lol:


LIke all successful businessmen he has sociopathic traits and as we know lacks empathy and misses basic things...It's how they are, often they miss details and are self-absorbed to the extent that they fail as social animals...The can't make sense of the noise cause they have never had to..It's always been about the bottom line and basic scams easily applied...His experiences have made him to a large extent a vulgar and nasty human being...But that's the norm with billionaires.

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What would the point be of a DoF? Surely the current set up is that Carr identifies the talent and Charnley doesn't the negotiating? I don't see a role there for a DoF.


I'm thinking of it in terms of a continental system, where the 1st team coach isn't a long term position. I'd have a person tasked with shaping a Premier League squad, encouraging young local talent, and "planning" :lol: At the minute I believe Carr seems to be told to find bargains, regardless of the needs of the 1st team. Charnley is just the man with the cheque book. Also, them foreign muck coaches are more likely to be used to operating in this way, Brits still want to be in charge of everything.


It'll be the international break. Ashley will do summink mad like a El Hoddle Tel combo with chips.


Agree with the timing.

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Wendy Taylor (NUFC Press officer): “When you are ready.

Lee Ryder (Chronicle): “Is there any way back from this Alan?”

Wendy Taylor: “Sorry Lee no questions from NCJ”

Daily Telegraph: “How do you feel after that?”Alan Pardew: “I am disappointed we were beaten.

“In two thirds of the pitch I felt we were good.

“The last third is a problem for us.

“It is a result which is difficult to get at this club.

“This is a team (Stoke) when they take the lead they do not venture too far. They are quick on the break. Moses was a problem for us at times.

“We have to find the answer. We could not find it. In that final third of the pitch we have to improve.

“I have to consider whether I have to look at that and make changes, change the system or something.

“I have to give the team more options going forward.”

Daily Star: “Alan, how secure do you think your position is?”Pardew: “I don’t know.

“My job is to show to the players there are 31 games left to be strong and to show there is a resilience.

“We find ourselves in a position where we are not winning games and we have to put that right.”

Daily Telegraph: “Is that the only way it stops? It might sound simple, but is that the only way you will get fans off your back?”

Pardew: “Correct.

“Of course. We knew that tonight. We did not create enough and I am not going to make excuses.

“We are quite honest with ourselves in the dressing room.

“We need to create more.

“We had a big chance with Jack Colback, who is beating himself up about it.

“If that had gone in we all knew what we would do. We would try to get the winner.

“The defeat was as bad as a draw.

“We need to get a win and get it quick.”

“Plenty of fans have already made up their mind on Alan Pardew.”

Daily Telegraph: “Does it feel like a thankless job at the minute?”

Pardew: “It is a tough job.

“It is tough where we are.

“The fans are giving their honest opinion of what they believe.

“I looked at them at the end and clapped them to show I respected their views.

“I am not going to hide from it.

“I know there is a big question mark about me being at the club.

“The only way I can do it is by doing it to the best of my ability and come up with the answers.

“Outside of that it is all I can do.”

Freelance journalist: “The fans are directing their venom at you but to what extent is it damaging the confidence of your players?”

Pardew: “I don’t think that was really evident if I look at my players.

“I thought we just came up short with quality.

“The discipline and the fight in the team is good.

“Stoke are a tough team but I I have to look at the picture going forward.

“Now we have another tough game at Swansea and we need to get ourselves in shape to do that.

“That is what we will try to do this week. We are going to work hard on the final third and see if we can find a solution.”

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