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Well he did manage a magnificent two wins out of seven leaving them one place lower in the table than where he found them.


The clear winner.

If he'd been in charge of them for the season and maintained that form he'd have had them on 43 points. Regardless of anything else, that's surely not the form of a manager worthy of such praise?

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Louise Taylor has named Di Canio her "Manager of the season". :lol:


Her player of the season has been there since January.


"Louise Taylor Journalists reporting on Premier League teams being invited, as happens at certain European clubs, to eat training ground lunches with players as part of an obligatory extension of current weekly press conferences. With increased trust unlikely to be abused it could only erase paranoia, increase understanding and enhance coverage."


Her change for next season is to be invited for dinner at training grounds? THAT'S what needs to be changed to make football better next year. Mind, Barney Ronay's "Relegate five teams" and Jamie Jackson's "Cameras in changing rooms, please" aren't much better.

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Sunderland have told captain Lee Cattermole, 25, he is free to leave the club. The defensive midfielder is not part of head coach Paolo Di Canio's plans.


Catts for m.... oh :(



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