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22 minutes ago, Alex said:

I love how nearly everyone who didn’t make it as a player has an excuse too. Could it be that like 99+% of young hopefuls he just wasn’t good enough? I don’t know why people don’t just say that. And as you suggest, his reasons for buying the club are - they were in the premier league recently and he was allowed to, because they were available for next to nowt in relative terms. Not because of the ‘passion’ of some of the most small-minded, ignorant, deluded, poisonous fans going. Especially since they’re that fucking small-time he won’t even have known about that. But he will soon (if he doesn’t already). 


He's already had a pop at them for calling for Johnson to be sacked from what I remember seeing on RTG. I wonder how long before he regrets his decision.

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On 28/03/2012 at 08:35, McFaul said:

Am nee Brad Pitt, but am areet, I'd be sexy if a could lose 2 stone, but am telling you this now mackems are fuckin ugly. From Jarrow to Peaterley they're fuckin ugly. The camera went on the mackem faces loads of times. I honestly believe it's to do with centuries of inbreeding. There's something about their faces, I don't know if it's diet, they just look downtrodden common tramps almost to a man.

It must be down to the poverty and no running water

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This KLD business has the makings of a tremendous watch.

He's obviously an extremely well adjusted young man, who has  seen so much real life struggle and will have battled much adversity in his tender years.

Oh wait, he was born with a wad of millions in his gob and will have been moly coddled forever, spoiled rotten, and never been told "no". So when he doesn't put the demanded millions up (whatever he does won't be enough) for their charge to the Championship they'll turn on him. I wonder how a 23 year old trust fund spoiled brat will react.

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Toucan play at this game.  Budgerigar-d me with such disdain, I'm Knot sure I can take the abuse. Too much to Swallow.

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Have you lot got nowt better to do? 
Instead of swanning about on here, flamin' go back to graft. 
Unless you’re driving home, in which case be careful - it’s th’ rush hour. 



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