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🎵 They're justified and they're ancient and they sit in the ice cream van stand.

They're justified and they're ancient, I hope you'll understand?



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2 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

:lol: It must annoy the piss out of them now that they’re in the Pub League and get the local darts team captain and his mates as match officials. 


At least he has their strip on.


Bullseye Bully Costume – Escapade

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Just had a look on there. The latest insult appears to be Newcasoil and we’re all kicking off because the press have now turned on us after previously universally heaping constant praise on our fan base. :lol: Not sure how the criticism ties in with the magedia conspiracy like 

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16 hours ago, Sonatine said:


It seems some mackem teenagers started hoying stones at some Charlton fans who were in their 20s/30s/40s,waiting to get the Metro north.Charlton fans decided to respond by chasing the scruffy makems away,but not before clipping some of the filthy bastards.Of course the Charlton fans are now being branded as bullies and the guilty party.

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"We kept playing it long to Stewart, we need to keep it simple instead". Does it get much simpler than long balls?


"Where did it all go wrong?" "The team". What an insight.

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I don’t think our lot are any better when it comes to fancams like, its mostly drunk people twisting and having a laugh. 

That said the mackems are something else like :lol: 

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What is it with these scruffy fuckers and bogs?






"Man drinks water from tap" - nothing to see here, move along. You would think he had took the water from the toilet or out of a puddle. Maybe he was thirsty. What did people do before the bottled water industry convinced us to dump millions of plastic water bottles and spend huge amounts of money on water that is often not as good as tap water. Noticed loads of places have ditched the massive water bottles for filtered tap water. Wonder when Bear whatshisface is going to turn up at SoL, drinking water from a tap - people do realise millions of people around the world would love to have running water.




North stand? If not then there's more than one!


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