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At this stage in 2008/09 (relegation season) we had....


P 14 W3 D5 L6 GD -5 Pts 14 18th Position

Currently we are...

P 14 W3 D5 L6 GD -16 Pts 10 19th Position


It's not looking very clever we have 6 games to go until the window reopens on 2nd January

Liverpool (h)

Spurs (a)

Villa (h)

Everton (h)

West Brom (a)

Arsenal (a)


With nobody at the club willing to stand up & be counted the possibility of relegation has to be taken seriously.

So what do you think ? I think we'll be down & long before the final game of the season unless there's some kind of miracle turn around. Based on what we've seen so far this season it's highly doubtful.

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Oh my Geordie friends...fear not! I have a cure for all that ills NUFC. Gather round, gather round.


Do you suffer from rheumatism, lumbago, acute chronic sciatica? Well, I represent the only company that makes the genuine article, an Elixir that cures headaches, neuralgia, earache, toothaches, backaches, swellings, sprains, sore chests, anxieties and ravaged nerves. Dislocations, cuts and bruises, and, it adds vitality and vigor to the healthy man, or woman.

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Don't think Garde can pull Villa together, but it's hard for me to imagine two other teams bad enough to finish below us. Unless someone reminds Ashley that he's about to lose millions in TV money through relegation, and he fires the whole of the board and coaching staff, we're down. Ashley needs to have a moment of rage and clear out the lot and send most of the heartless players packing as well. A total rebuild in January is his only hope other than relying on the likes of Norwich, Bournemouth and the Mackems to utterly collapse.

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Campbell scores for arsenal then fannies about for a minute with his shorts before pulling a dummy out and sucking on it. Commentator couldn't confirm exactly which type of cheese it tasted of but I'll guess stale cheddar.



At the moment we look completely fucked, there's still so much of the season to go so I can't write us off completely just yet. Saying that I don't see where the turnaround could come, new players and a new manager didn't really do it in the summer.

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