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Jacob Murphy

Park Life

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4 hours ago, Chaser said:

I had him down as a complete flop, couldn't make a good decision and generally had no faith in him. 


He's completely changed my opinion of him in 12 months. It's testament to the coaching but more so it's full credit to him for backing himself, digging in against the criticism and working hard. 

This time last year I dreaded to see his name even on the subs list.  His turnaround in the time since is almost at the same level as we seen from Joelinton.  He's a lad who made his feelings about the club known from day one and it was sad that someone who wanted to be here so much was completely unable to perform at this level.  I delighted for him that he's managed to turn things around so much.

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6 hours ago, Rayvin said:


One of my mates' mum knows Murphy's mum. Goes to the same church or something :lol:


She gives out tickets to the game from time to time, sounds like, dare I say it, a really good family.


No Way Beer GIF by Busch

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aye Howe said he'll now need surgery. Bit daft to rush him back really, his shoulder must have been really unstable to have popped out just through a running action.


Hopefully back in time for the Carabao Cup Final.

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4 hours ago, aimaad22 said:

Aye strange one rushing him back, Howe said it was a risk so they clearly knew this could happen. 

I suppose you just need to find out whether it would stand up to the rigours of a game.  If not, get on with the operation now, rather than another month or two down the line

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