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World Cup 2022

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10 hours ago, Dougle said:



The draymen always took a fair bit of satisfying which always baffled me, knowing their itinerary and length of their shift.


If the brewery was the eastern front, we all wanted a post to Paris, (The Drayman's job). :D

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14 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

The Scene; A Sweet Factory in Fawdon. 3a.m. 

A tired, weary and mildly sweaty HMHM trudges in to the break room, takes off his Oompa Loompa suit, slumps down in a hard plastic chair, and wearily pulls out his phone to have a look on TT. 


Everyone is asleep… there’s fuck all happening. 

Suddenly, a notification goes off. 

Its RobinRobin, posting gifs from the other side of the world, when he should be concentrating on sorting out defence cases for Bogans. 

HMHM smiles a weary smile, and trudges back to the shop floor to make more sweets for the nations children, a warm glow of fellowship keeping him going. 

“ He’s a good cunt, that RobinRobin, later, lolz!” 

By the way, that post...... :lol:


Great Gatsby Movie GIF by Sony

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