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Ayatollah Hermione

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50 minutes ago, Holden McGroin said:

Who were the three people on the white plastic chairs by the sidelines?


Not 100% sure but I think they are medical, if required. That game was played in Bendigo, on an AFL/cricket oval (taking games to the regional areas), so they could have been just three local bogans that won a comp that allowed them to sit pitchside, like a real football match and not half a mile away with the 5 others from Bendigo that went.

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6 hours ago, Tdansmith said:

Azerbaijan beat Sweden 3-0 and were down to 10 men most of the 2nd half. The 3rd goal was a classic from inside their own half.




Did any of our players get injured? 🙁 

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1 hour ago, wykikitoon said:

Man Sweden must be low on defenders for him to even make the pitch!

It must be one of the worst Sweden teams ever ( not including Isak of course)

 To get beat 3-0 to a ten man Azerbaijan is a bit of an embarrassment for them.

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