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    For to stop calling tories like CT names.
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    Hi, is it true that you have you been hanging out on the secret forum with Manc Mag, Lake Bell’s tits, sweet left peg and Kevin all this time?
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    Good talk, catch up soon. *makes mental note never to come back to this tesco*
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    Hello all, how’s things?
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    1. Wyki has nailed that one. 2. Hes shite, we're shite, we're less than the sum of our parts with him in charge while we were more under Rafa. There is no "yet you have beaten spurs..." point to be made, Spurs are all over the place this season and we were lucky, failing to win since is the norm based on our manager and our performances. 3. If you think "news of a takeover" means we're going to be taken over you haven't been paying attention. It is interesting actually if that question is a window into the minds of other clubs fans. This is the 4th "takeover" in 18 months and all any of them have done is provided ashley with an excuse not to spend any money. he has no intention of selling to anything less than a total lunatic who will give him a fortune and let him keep his grubby hands in on advertising his shit brands and retail. 4. Ideally our new owner could somehow take us slightly back in time and get hold of the wildly successful manager we had last season. Failing that I've no idea, as Wyki says, avoid the jobs for the cunts old british manager merry-go-round and I'll be happy enough. 5. Under a manager with a plan I'd have been gutted to see him go and see us miss out on a talented midfielder, under this melted wax faced prick it I'd be desperate to get out if I were him, if hes here beyond this season hes finished as a "prospect" and will stay at his current level. If he goes somewhere where he gets well coached and gets games he'll comfortably be an international. 6. Pointless, couldn't care less. 7. I actually can't pick one from the time before Ashley, there were a lot. Since then I'd say beating you 3-0 in 11/12. That season was a fun ride, manager and owner both wankers but we had such a good team to watch. I really enjoyed us beating Rodgers swansea that season too, they were the least interesting team to watch in the world, passing sideways with god knows how much possession for the whole match and never made a chance. 8. Under current management, none of them. As individuals on their own merits, Schar is our best player (imo) Maximin seems fun and Almiron may eventually get a bit of luck and start doing something. 9. You'll be lucky to be in europe next season, we'll be lucky to be in this league. 10. Honestly don't care. 11. You're sort of crap, but we're really crap. We'll make you look good.
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    Stick around, Craig. This is the only place in the country that seemingly isn’t sick of discussing Brexit endlessly so if that sounds appealing, jump on in.
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    Seems a simple question, did he answer it?
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    Out of prison, but still on the register. Welcome back!
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    Sympathies for your long struggle without a trophy.
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    A mate of mine was in London a couple of weeks back at a Freshfields function and spoke to a bloke who works at one of the biggest private equity firms in the City. They got to talking about football and my mate mentioned he’s a toon fan. The guy said that his firm had prepared a bid and approached Ashley about buying the club, but he was so difficult to deal with that they quickly dropped their interest. Could be bullshit but the PE guy had no reason to lie.
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    At the end of the day, they're doing what they have to do to save their party. That's all any of them care about anyway. It's transparent - if the British public fall for it then they're a pack of fucking morons, but in the end there's only so long we can avoid asking them what they think.
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    This is pretty much the female @Gemmill https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49556383
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    I've popped on Red Cafe recently to see your thoughts on Ole. interesting posts. 1. It wasn't just Rafa's management of the team that made him popular. He 'got' the city. He 'got' the region and the people. As a manager he got the best out of the players and the resources he had at hand. A great manager and gave us hope with the cancer in charge. 2. It was always going to be difficult coming after Rafa, but he is inept as a manager. That was clear to see and he shouldn't be in charge of any team above the Championship. The win v spurs was pure luck. Spurs didnt take their changes, we took our one. Look at the attendances dropping. Under Rafa there were games where we had 11 men behind the ball but we always had that hope we could nick a goal or hold out. Bruce, fuck that. 3. There is and will never be a takeover whilst we are in the Prem or be in the Championship with the hope of Prem football. The only way this cancer is to go is to stay down. His pricing of the club is too high and his demands are mad. Whatever the media say its bollocks. he is here to stay. 4. If Ashley is gone that would be enough for me. As long as it isnt the rehashed 'jobs for the boys' managers, i.e Fat Sam et al I couldnt care. 5. Chuffed we have kept him for now, but think he will leave in Jan to you. MASSIVE potential, but was delivering already to the latter end of last season. If he played for you, city or Chelsea the media would be dripping with cum. Just look at Mount. Longstaff was doing that last season and hardly anything. 6. Meh 7. Maybe a little odd, but that win against Feynoord in the CL where Bellamy scored in the 90th minute to put us through to the knockout stage. Fucking mental. 8. Meh 9. Us, Relegation. You. 7th 10. Meh 11. 5 nil dry bumming. The media will be wanking Sir Ole off once again.
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    As an aside, Tooj messaged me this morning saying he got a random Twitter message off Leazes Mag asking if he was ok 😂
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    As I see it the problem is probably less the asking price but the details of the sale. Every buyer does know what amount of money Ashley does want. I can’t see serious multimillionaires appointing legal consultants walking into discussions with empty pockets knowing they won’t be able to do a deal still having to find the money. With BZG the asking price was agreed as the club confirmed itself. Staveley according to Bird or Caulkin (can’t remember who) had actually tabled offers. Deals fell through because of other reasons. With Staveley it was that Ashley suddenly changed his tune accusing the buyer of lack of action saying or pretending a lack of an offer. Imho most telling was Ashley’s narrative in his summer interview with the billionaire Sheikh haggling over a fee of 10m and therefore contradicting the press statement confirming the agreement of a price. Adding to this that we know from the sale of Rangers how reluctant Ashley is with losing commercial rights and income I have no reason to doubt that the lack of sale is solely down to the cunt of a greedy owner. Ashley will only sell if he is forced to or the offer is insanely obscene.
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    I'd like it on the record that my prediction was within the margin of error.
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    what we need is for ken to come in and confidently declare that we're leaving then i'm right with you
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    First they came for Baggio, but he did not speak up because he was not Baggio....
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    little ole will see this as the perfect opportunity to 'kickstart their season' we'll duly oblige. ashley will put in a rare appearance as he'll be keen to ready the paperwok for longstaff's 'last minute' move to the north west in january. bruce meanwhile, his head being fully occupied with his tactical masterplan for the game, will forget who he's employed by and refer to the club from manchester as 'we' and 'united' throughtout the prematch press conference. should be a joy this.
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