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  1. Don't lower yourselves man.....you'll hate yourselves if when we beat QPR.....
  2. think Hazard counts as a midfielder....Michu is good but not as good as the 2 strikers theyve gone for. Ivanovich is the complete fullback iyam, and he can play centre half..and score goals...and make the tea for Roman etc etc...
  3. Don't say that when theres razor blades still on sale in the Boldon Asda!
  4. as for that fuckin Guus Hiddink.... Amid much knee-jerk, social media fuelled, outrage it is important to introduce a bit of context. After all, only last month Guus Hiddink – who knows a thing or two about English football – praised Pardew's tactics to the skies and predicted that Newcastle "are so strong they must be in the Premier League's top five next season" after his Anzhi Makhachkala ensemble were knocked out of the Europa League by the Tynesiders http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/apr/28/newcastle-united-liverpool-premier-league-alan-pardew
  5. PFA team of the year... De Gea (Man Utd), Zabaleta (Man City), Vertonghen (Spurs), R Ferdinand (Man Utd), Baines (Everton), Carrick (Man Utd), Mata (Chelsea), Hazard (Chelsea), Bale (Spurs), Van Persie (Man Utd), Suarez (Liverpool). Zabaleta in front of Ivanovich?...really?..
  6. While we're all piling in with "told you so CT" posts from last season: http://www.toontastic.net/board/topic/32493-nufc-summer-transfer-activity-thread/page__hl__%2Btransfer+%2Bactivity Hows that for a prediction CT?
  7. Am in attendance in East London on Saturday....meeting up with a couple of lads from back home, one of whom I've not seen in a couple of decades, supposed to be an end of season jolly up, result not vital for anything, hopefully the sun will shine...think most of us have been at that sort of care free, end of season affair and thouroughly enjoyed it. Don't think this is going to be like that....lets face it, this is going to be fuckin murder to watch. Just got my QPR ticket as well...must be fuckin mental..
  8. Is it fair to say that if you set the club up to be used as a "stepping stone" to bigger and better things then we shouldn't be that surprised when it goes wrong?.....in saying that, have many of them shown enough to warrant a move to Chelsea or someone like that?..Demba definetly did tbf, not sure about the rest. Looking at the goals scored column its clear not replacing him was a huge mistake.
  9. I dont have a narrative, i've never said you know fuck all about football or that you're a cunt. I leave that to the others.....anyway, suffice to say you haven't prsented any facts about you wanting Pardew as England manager 3 months before you said he should be sacked as NUFC manager, it was you saying "I was only joking hahahaa!", which amounts to an excercise in arse covering.
  10. Well done again, think you've covered all bases with that
  11. Its not the stats, its the last 2 home results and how we've played in them. Fuck knows how we got a point at West Brom
  12. If theres anything in the Rafa thing I think I'd sack him today and tell the players he's coming in June. That may motivate them. Pedro over Carver though. Carver strikes me as the sort of bloke who just shouts a lot. We need someone with a gameplan to beat an already relegated side. Sounds easy when its put like that...
  13. No, be it now or in the summer the last 2 home results after a season of mediocrity have cooked his goose. I dont think its an exaggeration to say theyre two of the worst defeats in the club's entire 121 year history.
  14. that Pardew should be England manager?....you can't claim credit for one without being laughed out of town for the other mate
  15. Yeah but its taken 2 of the worst results in the club's entire history to make most people say its time to go. You were condenming him in September, 3 months after saying he should be England manager. No one else has gone on such a long journey in such a short space of time
  16. Rightly or wrongly, he's fuckin toast in the summer. Even Mike Ashley will realise that you cant come back from the results we've had in our last two home games and retain the support/trust of the public. Hopefully QPR will be even less motivated than our fuckin shower. Pardew takes a lot of the blame but some of the players need to look at themsleves too. Its looking the same as 2009. On paper a pretty good squad. On grass fuckin hopeless.
  17. Not strictly true, he was cheap because he has a dodgy groin, but because he was cheap we signed him.
  18. "We've all done it."....not strictly true Ask Howman. I look and sound like a young Bill Paterson/Ally Fraser
  19. Neither do I. Smelling like a tart's boudoir isn't high on my list of priorities
  20. err....am not sure what the dare is?....posting piccies of myself from a swingers party? fuck me you're not shy CT are you?....
  21. Imagine taking your missus to a swingers party only to find CT hoying his keys into the fruit bowl
  22. That's well summed up HF. Most modern football managers/coaches now are just another "middle manager" in a corporate set up. My mates old man has retired as Facilities Manager at Southampton FC. Since Nicola Cortese came to the club the coach was seen as pretty much on the same level as him, which as you say is all down to the emphasis being changed over the years from a "top to bottom" manager to the bloke in the tracksuit who picks the side, made up of players picked by his superiors. It makes sense in a lot of ways iyam. Lots of clubs are now run like this, but the coaches don't last long if results are poor. As Ant & Ewerk say, its not going to cost a lot to get rid of Pardew. Thing is, if he thinks he'll get a better manager on the same terms then whoever gets the job of finding him one will need to be a fuckin miracle worker.
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