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  1. Might have to have a rethink on the whole "the torch run is wank" thing....it passes 5 mins from my house about half 5 on Fri 13th(!) July... http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchrelay/day56
  2. Aye CT, that just confirms you're as strange as a bottle of crisps....
  3. This is where the fuckin bollocks about relaxation of employment laws for small companies that was rolled out last week (the report was by a major donor to the Tory party..yeah, quel fuckin surprise ) can be seen as the Tories trying to let their mates in this sector completely exploit their employees. Smaller businesses need more regulation to prevent this sort of shit, not less. Is your missus on a good contract? i.e. can they get rid of her for next to nothing?...apparently the yanks have had this sort of thing for years and they were in a worse financial mess than we are ffs. I think the latest figures show theyve had a fair start to the year mind and ours is worse than first reported. But the Tories are blaming it on small business regulation and say thats whats holding growth back...what a bunch a fuckin liars. If her contract is watertight its a polite but firm "no"...if its up for renenwal yearly or something I'd be careful if she wants to stay in the job, as mentioned she could give it and just not answer it. Boss sounds like a complete control freak iyam, I'd tell the missus to look for another job if I were you.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18185485 Chelsea release Boswinga and Kalou.....any takers?.....
  5. Is this "rock"??....too much brass for rock?....
  6. impossible to decide...this is what springs to mind tonight though...
  7. Other figures being honoured by Princess Anne on Wednesday include Sir Peter Bazalgette, of Endemol - the TV company behind Big Brother - who is being knighted for services to broadcasting. Just goes to show what a ridiculous charade the whole honours thing is.....put a load of freaks on the tv for years and become hugely wealthy on the back of it= national recognition for your good work....earn 300 quid a week getting shot at in Aghanisitan, possibly lose a limb in the process= "we've done all we can for you on the NHS, here's help for heroes' number, now fuck off"
  8. Johnathan Ive...educated at Newcastle Poly....has been knighted, chiefly it would appear for inventing the ipod....did we hounour the Sony gadge who came up with the walkman?... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18171093
  9. Newcastle supporters need a dose of realism after a season in which St James’ Park glimpsed the prospect of Champions League football and finished fifth, ahead of Chelsea. “I’m hoping that I will educate our fans for next season,” Pardew says. “If they think we can finish fifth with a European campaign and the finances we’ve got, it’s impossible. I honestly believe that you need to be a bit more open with the fans. The problem some managers have is they’re not open enough.” Having achieved the board’s target of a top-10 finish, he insists: “This year, I’m sure we’ll say something like, ‘We’re looking for a top-eight finish, hopefully attack one of the cups and have a great run in Europe. I wouldn’t say we couldn’t challenge for the top six if we got knocked out of Europe. Then we wouldn’t have those extra 13 games.” So there you have it folks.....league ambition sacrificed on the altar of vainglorious European adventures..... Seriously, that sounds ok to me, its just the league is where the money is....you can't keep banging on about lack of finance and then dont try to compete to obtain more of it by piddling about in the Europa League. They really don't walk it like they talk it sometimes. I feel better for that...havent had a whinge in weeks
  10. Is this lad Guthrie's replacement?....at 23 year old he's not going to be in the "development squad" of anything like that. He's been bought for the first team squad. Reims got promoted so he's just had a canny season.
  11. If its the first one am looking at thats with the 3 lads with their tops off?.....thats at the stadium of copyright infringement, my mate Shaun is stood above them with a shaven head and a black jumper on...he's not of the type you describe tbh
  12. Limassol...thats Cyprus...in late August!
  13. No offence intended, but its a friendly. You can't judge a player on a friendly, although old firm fans do tend regularly to disagree with this.
  14. From what I hear Forster to Celtic this summer is a done deal.
  15. Community spirit? theres a bloke at my work, raises 10s of thousands of pounds for charity every year running marathons. He's the most selfless bloke I've ever met, and has been recognised by "dignitaries" all over the world for his work. He's met loads of famous folk doing all these marathons all over the world, and apparently pride of place in his house is his photo of him and Nelson Mandela!...this bloke is a do-gooder extrodinaire, he's a real giver. So he applied to be a torchbearer in his home city of Southampton but got turned down. He subsequently discovered (obviously well connected) that most of the places in Southampton went to council employees,their familes, or mates. He's actually devastated about this. Obviously the blokes a bit of an attention seeker but he of all people shouldve been rewarded with the chance to take part. And as for "the poor" CT you obvously didnt watch it on Sunday morning as Gemmil was saying where some surfie type bird called fuckin TASSIE!! (what is that short for??!! ) was the second person in the country to have a go and when they interviewed her after she sounded posher than the fuckin Queen! In other words, as usual with things like this in this country,its a fuckin fix. If you're in you're in, if not, fuck off.
  16. Fairly accurate approxiamtion of the speaking voice of Howmanheyman...bares more than a passing resemblance to him as well... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdA26Bl0EEA
  17. Wouldnt he be better with side that was more counter attacking?....hes a cracking player, no doubt, but small intricate passing triangles aren't his game. Unless he's going to replace Abidal perhaps?...he's ill again isn't he?..
  18. I think someone at West Ham had told the press beforehand and he was asked about it.....good example to set iyam, especially as he'd signed a contract stating his wages would be cut should they be relegated in the first place. Its unknowable if Colo,Guti,Enrique,Barton,Nolan etc wouldve signed a contract with a wage reduction clause in it when they signed for us but there's certainly one of them I can say with confidence that, judging by his exit from the club, wouldnt have fuckin dreamed of it....
  19. Carlton Cole in "Footballer shows down to earth common sense and humility" shock!! "I've kept my mouth shut for quite a while but I did take a wage cut to stay in the Championship," Cole said. "Half my wages just went. I thought 'I want to help the club get back to where we belong'. I didn't want to leave the ship. I would not have been able to live with myself. It is just such a reward to get to the Premier League again with West Ham at the first time of asking. It was like D‑Day for all of us. "No contract talks have been planned but we will see what happens. Hopefully both sides will be happy that I sign a new contract. I am here to help West Ham and if there is a relegation clause, then I am happy to do it. You can't be on Premier League wages in the Championship. I know money is a massive factor in everyone's career, and obviously I want to earn as much as I can, but when you don't deserve it, as you have been relegated, you need to work back to where you need to get to." http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/may/20/sam-allardyce-carlton-cole-west-ham
  20. Del Piero's last game for Juve ends in disappointment..Napoli beat them 2 nowt to win the Coppa Italia... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18140471 Seemed to be the player for the Juve fans when we went there in the champs league....but even back then, Nedved looked far better to me. I think Del Piero got both the goals over there mind, so I'm maybe being a bit over critical.....great career overall.
  21. Saw Two Days in New York earlier......it was very funny, if a bit sappy...Julie Delpy wrote,directed and starred in it...basically its an old fashioned "farce" which she did very well..Chris Rock as the "straight man" was good too. Had to go 30 miles to see it... I live in a conurbation of almost a quarter of a million people and its got a dozen or so picture houses but had to go to Southampton to watch it...Mrs PL was also able to indulge in credit card abuse in the swanky shopping centre nearby so it wasnt just a journey to watch a film but I cant work out why it wasnt shown round here...fair enough its not a multiplex type "blockbuster" but theres 3 or 4 arty screens round here too but none of them had it on...would it be a "first weekend" limited release thing?...
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