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  1. Was the performance yesterday overall better or worse than the first half Monday night?..I appreciate Everton are a better side than Norwich, but I thought the same as Stevie has just aluded to at half time on Monday... at least 3 senior players put a shift in that had "I want to be elsewhere" stamped all over it. Wasnt there yesterday so cant really judge.
  2. If this lad is interested in musicals its likely that he's lost interest in women a long time ago anyway...has he got a lot of Judy Garland cd's too? ......
  3. Being weened off the old Prozac by his doctor I've heard...manic depressive in real life apparently....
  4. Well Madini and Beckenbauer were for the vast majority of their careers playing in completely different posistions and with different roles and jobs in the teams they played for so its not a good comparison iyam. Beckenbauer invented the attacking "Libero" position, or sweeper as it was known in this country, on his own virtually. You would never have described Maldini as a sweeper, despite his move to the middle later in his career. As a defender he was a marker, as most Italian defenders are..a brilliant one as you say like, but there were big diffferences between them.
  5. just watching the highlights and he put a lovely ball into the box with his left in the first half so maybe we're both wrong! Horses for courses at the moment, trying to sign Debuchy this summer indicates that as we speak Pardew sees him on the left, I've no real complaints. After this summer, we know we'll have to be patient if we want that situation to change.
  6. He taught himself to be two footed though, he was naturally right footed. Going outside a fullback and getting the cross in at the byline is becoming rare nowadays as far as I can make out, usually a midfileder makes a wide overlapping run when the fullback cuts inside, I think we've seen Ben Arfa do it regualrly playing with Santon and with players of their abilities it works very well.
  7. Paolo Maldini and Stuart Pearce were both right footed left backs.....just saying like...
  8. Aye, up in front of the FA tomorrow, he's been given a heads up by the sounds of it.
  9. The performances are in a way a cause for concern, the ones that stick out are the worse ones for me. Bolton at home last season when we looked flat as fuck until Ben Arfa's wonder goal, when we were going for potentially a champions league spot. And the first half at Everton the other night, Pardew was right, thats up there among the worst weve seen since promotion. Thing is, if we score the pen then we may well have got 2 or 3 more today and we'd have been saying that the season starts here etc.Another way of looking at it is Manu have been utilising talent like Ben Arfa to win tight games with one piece of brilliance for 2 decades and Fergie is hailed as a footballing genius. Apparetly they were poor again today, but won by the odd goal in 3. Not a lot changes, we'll see if we can get near to their level of consistancy ourselves later in the season.
  10. Aye, steady as she goes...we've had a lot worse weeks, thats for sure. Point away in the league, euro draw away, and 3 points at home. Liverpool built a...erm..."legend" on weeks like that Man Utd away Wedsnesday...fixture congestion can be a good thing, maybe Tiote will start, give him an hour. He'll be like a chained pitbull on Saturday.
  11. err...that would be you then, earlier in the thread. Remember?... it was Thatcher who recommended the guy be prosecuted based on the findings And again, stop twisting what Ive posted. I havent claimed Thatcher was responsible, I've said that I think senior members of her government, possibly including her, knew about the criminal cover up and did nothing to prevent it rendering the inquest and subsequent attempted prosecutions of SYP pretty worthless and indeed pointless. Thats my opinion, we'll see what comes next.
  12. Elm Park was a footballing paradise compared with the identikit legoland monstrosity they've got now, stuck out near the M4 on a trading estate its the most souless football gound I've had the mis-pleasure of visiting. Theres loads of pubs in the centre of town, but make sure you dont leave it till after 2-45pm to get the free bus to the ground, which with football-traffic congestion ensured we arrived about 3-20pm for the game the last time we were there I then discovered that for some reason I had picked up the receipt for my ticket and not the ticket itself....which RFC were very understanding about; they dug up a security bod to usher me into the bar of the hotel complex built into the ground itself where I was told to sit down and wait to see what could be done....so I was stright up the ramp to the bar and settled down to watch Jeff Stelling and his band of performing chimps keep me in touch with what was going on the other side of the wall (this was around the time Roeder was manager, so I felt a bit bad about not being able to cheer the lads on, but, all things considered, it was turning out ok!)...until about 10 mins into the second half when security turned up again and told me they'd found me a seat. So instead of Rodney Marsh entertaining me with his witty anecdotes and sparkling insight, I had to make do with Matty Pattinson trying to kick the ball in a straight line without tripping over his feet. Damn.
  13. Did Cisse just grab the ball first?...didn't Ben Arfa go over and cause an unseemly ruck?....was Gutierrez subscribing to the "all the captain does is carry the ball and calls the toss up" theory of on-pitch leadership?...
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbEOgfq3CNc
  15. This is the thing, cant see either Maritimo or Bruges finishing above us, Stoke got out of an infinetly harder group last season. Tomorrow will be the test though, 3 points and all is good. Less than that and the knives will be getting drawn and its not even October yet Its tricky, the club will bedamned by some if they neglect the league and damned by others if they neglect Europe. They went for players that wouldve made (relative) success on all fronts more likely but couldnt get the deals done, all using the policy from last season that worked a treat. Tomorrow is a very big game for lots of reasons. As much as I admire Hughton, am not sure theyre the team they were under Lambert, and they were pretty mediocre under him tbh. If Cabaye is on his game and can get the ball to Cisse in the right areas I don't think theyll be able to live with us.
  16. Deary me toryboy you're hoisted by your own petard with that one...are you American becuase you don't seem to understand irony very well. Do you think you'd be on here lashing out at anyone who thinks Thatcher despised ordinary people if the families of the 96 who lost their lives had just accepted the findings of the inquest? No amount of flowery prose is going to save you from that point. Youve used your imagination with a lot of your anwers, avoided some of the more difficult questions and admitted to just plain making things up (Thatcher wouldnt have needed to authorise the prosecution of fuckin anyone, as you acknowledge there was evidence to send to the DPP about the SYP, even after the bullshit inquest) so it would appear that subsequent investigations (which you correctly point out that the families do want) may yield further revalations; the question remains, who got the WMP involved? thats a Home Secretary level decison...you know, senior member of the cabinet level. Keep on denying any criticism of the saintly Margaret if you must. I'll bide my time and see what comes out next. If there are revalations that finger the government of the time I certainly wont be as surprised as you're likely to be.
  17. it was Thatcher who recommended the guy be prosecuted based on the findings who? Duckenfield? not enough evidence? who gathered the evidence for the inquest which would or wouldnt find whether wrongdoing had occured? and who authorised them being involved? why wasn't the perpostorous 1515 cut off point challenged by anyone bar the families? and some proof Thatcher recommended anyone to be prosecuted please. Otherwise what you post is just the rantings of some delusional toryboy who seems to have stumbled across some people who wont accept what theyre spoon fed and haven't since 1989. Funny that. Just as all this blows up you appear and post pro tory propaganda all over a thread about Hillsbourough. Good job am not a paranoid conspiracy theorist or I'd suggest youve actively searched the internet for stuff like this and are getting your kicks by trolling about it. I've acknowleged we'll never know for sure, but for me there are still major questions to be answered. Another one is what the fuck you're doing on here as you're pretty far removed from any NUFC supporter that I've ever come across.
  18. Fair one TP, and we'll never know the real truth, but its not as one sided as some make out. The West Midlands Police were called in to investigate what happened on the day, the same WMP who had their serous crime squad disbanded due to large scale corruption the same year, the order for which must have been made at Home Secretary level, possibly through the aupsices of the WM Police Authority at the time. But senior officers from the disgraced WMSCS investigated the Hillsborough disaster...who gave that order?... http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough/history/westmidlands.shtm
  19. Am not stating she knew or encouraged a cover up, am saying she was advised there was one and did nowt. And she certainly didnt, as far as I cn make out, recommend prsecution of fuckin anybody. For the sake of clarity, this is what was said: And it added: "The defensive, and at times close to deceitful, behaviour by the senior officers in South Yorkshire sounds depressingly familiar. Too many senior policemen seem to lack the capacity or character to perceive and admit faults in their organisation." The report, the memo added, would "sap confidence in the police force" and could encourage aggressive behaviour by fans who would feel "vindicated" by its conclusions. But in a handwritten note, Mrs Thatcher made it clear that she did not want to give the government's full backing to Lord Taylor's criticisms, only to the way in which he had conducted his inquiry and made recommendations for action. She wrote: "What do we mean by 'welcoming the broad thrust of the report'? The broad thrust is devastating criticism of the police. Is that for us to welcome? Surely we welcome the thoroughness of the report and its recommendations - M.T." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-19574492 Using our old friend "intuition" I think we can deduece that she wanted, at the very least, to protect the SYP. From what though?...why weren't any charges brought against anyone from SYP again?...She knew alright, as has every subsequent PM tory or labour. She set the standard for others to follow though.
  20. Fair enough. Its my intiuition that you're fuckin selfish tory cockmonkey who twists what people post to suit the fucked up agenda you have. If Mrs Thatcher was such a good egg, why didnt she investigate a cover up shes on record to having known all about? its a pretty simple question....
  21. Making accusations about a poster on here he has no chance of ever backing up? how the living fuck does he,you, me or anyone know whether Gene is a member of the communist party? A fair few on here lean to the left, but being a communist is a fuckin long way from that.
  22. Dont know why but David Brent sprang to mind when I read that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qurTK_0re3Y
  23. I dont think anyone is saying that, what is on record is that when the cover up was exposed by the Taylor Report, she commneted that it was "depressingly familiar". But it still took 22 years for the fans to be exonerated by any UK governement, cheiefly because they victims and their families just didnt matter to her or her government at the time. And if she was aware there was a cover up and she took no action, isnt she complicit in it?
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