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  1. This is brilliant....a middle aged Noelie in the crowd no doubt....with a young Howmanheyman sat on the cinder track in front of the Popular Side if I'm not mistaken http://www.britishpathe.com/video/f-a-cup-replay-newcastle-v-huddersfield
  2. You'll have to forgive some of us for actually giving a fuckin shit. Apologies.
  3. Aye, rightly so. They gained an advantage there and then. Take the Gravesen/Albert thing into consideration and they've fuck all to complain about, fuckin scouse mackems...
  4. Was it after we drew with them in September?...he was somewhat aggrieved that evening I seem to recall. NJS with a long memory seems to have taken the wind out of his sails anyway.
  5. Didn't he have a pop after being "on the pop" before?...perhaps we can put it down to drink, the fuckin strap-on....
  6. He played better second half after Shola came on in the 67th minute....think he was at the Trafford Centre with Halsey before that.
  7. I'd have taken a point at half time in the circumstances....fuckin gutted to get nothing.
  8. That lad would make a belting right half great ball from Cisse too
  9. Sissoko's fuckin knackered as hes played every game since he signed iyam
  10. I'll never understand that....when Barton got sent off at Anfield I wanted to fuckin kill him...was the only one mind,he got a standing ovation, 3 games before we were relegated.
  11. Cisse's shot just then and the one just before where it came over his shoulder....he was burying all them last season...
  12. Perch kicked the turf first which "disrupted" his challenge on Kone...booked
  13. That's the thing....Halsey and the linesman on that side conspire to completely miss a dreadful challenge and the coaches get sent off. Halsey and the linesman should be sent back to parks football.
  14. Agreed. That little tete a tete as they were coming off may unnerve them and as was mentioned our team talk is a piece of piss now....let Carver do it
  15. Perchinho dons the UN peacekeeper's pale blue beret Carver's gone mental. That was always going to happen due to Halsey apparently fucking off down the M6 to the Trafford Centre for a spot of shopping just as the challenge came in.
  16. Halsey is nowhere to be seen in either of those gifs. Where the fuck was he? having a Wigan pie?..
  17. Doesn't want the ball...hiding behind his teammates...I did it for 20 years on a Sunday morning so I know what am talking about...
  18. So you want to change the rules because one of our lads took a bad one?...what about Anita the other night?
  19. Wonder what angle the ref saw that from?......enter Perchino...at fullback....
  20. Great ball in, still defendable though....Taylor was the wrong side of Kone and Santon was..well, Santon...
  21. Am very fortunate....Bournemouth to Faro, out Wednesday morning back Friday afternoon, £69, all booked £48 for the train to Lisbon. Flybe do Newcastle to Southampton, but the flights don't work out, unless you fly Tuesday night and you wont get a flight back till Saturday morning....so what you save in flights you spend on hotels.And its a train then bus from Southampton to Bournemouth. It takes 5-6 hours to drive it. If theres 4 in a car that may well be worth it.
  22. The club will get together with almost-in-administration Thomas Cook and provide transport for around 200 of your English pounds I reckon...
  23. Just spoke to a mate who had the same trouble on Sunday....turns out that the club had sold his and his son's ST seats on Viagogo! I take it you got your seat ok?...
  24. That's fuckin brilliant,,,,"The Stadium of Copyright Infringement"
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