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  1. Its not about violent crime though its about multiple shootings.
  2. Canada's less than half the US per capita, according to Wiki...figures for 2007, the source seems to be independant and reputable...Serbia is 2nd in the list, but they have 58 per hundred citizens and the US has 88. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country
  3. Aye could well be Remy's agent shit stirring as its not been widely reported.
  4. We've apparently bid for Loic Remy...12 million euros. We're obviously keen to bring a striker in and I suppose a week Wednesday we'll know if its Ba's replacement or not.
  5. Spent 5 quid on Simple Minds greatest hits last weekend and had fogotten all about this...they were truly awesome before Jim Kerr saw a U2 gig and decided Bono was on to something...
  6. I wasnt talking about violent crime in general, I was talking about multiple shootings TP. Hungerford,Dunblane, and as you say Whitehaven. All carried out by men with legally held guns.Thankfully very rare in this country, whilst Colorado alone has had two horrific incidents in not much more than a decade. Colorado's population is around 5 million, the UK's about 62 million. The difference is due to easy access to firearms in the US. I think that is pretty unarguable. But I'm sure you'll give it a go.
  7. I'll bow to your superior knowledge on that one Suffice to say, theres less multiple shootings in this country because the psychologically violent have difficulty getting their hands on firearms.
  8. Possibly. But without a gun he probably needed a rest after the butcher job so that was the extent of the unpleasantness. How much energy is used up by pulling a trigger?....
  9. There was a bloke in Bornemouth this week who cut his flat mates head off. Wonder what he'd have done with a gun?....
  10. FTAO Andrew....there are probably a proportionate amount of absoloute fuckin whackos in this country to the amount there is in the US. The reason why we may get one horrific incident like this a decade (if that) and the US gets multiple shootings every year is down to access to firearms.
  11. Aye, no need for gun control in the US is there....this is where it ends up.
  12. Funny you should say that, I've always found it a bit strange too. Does it still advertise itself as "world famous"? was it for the jukebox or something?.. They did do a cracking pint of McEwans 80 shiling in their once upon a time, it kept me nipping in from time to time..
  13. It is vague as fuck like. A season's long loan is best for us, then if hes shite he goes back. Cant see that as anything other than a last resort as far as Liverpool are concerned, probably at 10pm on 31st August...West Ham may have struck by then and agreed a fee for him, which puts him in the "Owen" situation as you mentioned before.
  14. Never had any of them here, but the first time I saw "craft breweries" was in the states in the mid 90s. I'll be giving it a go I reckon.
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/9255369/Scottish-beer-company-BrewDog-forces-Diageo-to-apologise-over-dirty-tricks-at-awards.html Dummy out time...looks like Brewdog have identified a gap in the market jumped into it without needing, and by the sounds of it criticising companies like Diageo. Fair play to them. They look a bit "too cool for school" but the beer side of it appeals to me greatly.
  16. Where about in town is it?...doubt if I'll get to any of the others... "BrewDog currently has eight craft beer bars located in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham and London, with another in Birmingham opening soon." Seen their beer in Sainsbury's, IPA and the blonde one...is it worth a go in bottles?...
  17. If we take that the 25million is replaced by Sky money then yeah, Andy Carroll may well be affordable wages wise.Which means we dont, on that basis, need to sell players to pay his wages. Where do we find his transfer fee from though? Point I made at the start still stands iyam, we cant afford "the package".
  18. Clyne has signed for Southampton today. Are all our eggs now in the Debuchy basket?
  19. Perhaps I am a bit yes. But its keeping to the point in that we're benefitting now from Ashley paying premier league wages from his own pocket in the championship, which is the money saved from letting those two players go. As long as the likes of those two were being paid we were benefitting from Ashley keeping those players on those contracts when income had plumetted. Do you think Ashley will want to dig into his pocket and provide that level of income to the club again? I dont. If you can explain an alternative to where the 25mill was going apart from contributing majorly towards senior players wages in the last couple of years then am willing to listen. What else at the club in that time has required that outlay? He subsidised last season and the one before iyam and isnt wanting to do it anymore; "we wipe our own mouth"
  20. All true, thing is as a result of failing to get back in the champions league we were reduced to treading water till Ashley came in and finally flushed us down the pan. The point is our huge outlay acheived next to fuck all in real terms, and the same is true of a lot of other teams. Ashley lisitened to "people in football" and tried the same to begin with and regretted it soon after.He decided a new approach was needed and to be fair to him he was right. Lowering expectations? yes, but its a lot more realistic. Thats why I can't see him paying anyone 80k a week.
  21. Are they open then? How much debt do we/have we been carrying since the fag end of Shpherds era?...and what do we have to show for it? Football clubs in the last decade have saddled themselves with huge debts just in an attempt to tread water, oursleves included.
  22. Did you ever go to Burnden Park in the decade before they pulled it down?...there was a fuckin Sainsbury's behind one of the goals! Theyre obviously not gone bust, but thats not the point am trying tom make. Theyve basically just been happy to be in the premier league yet have ended up massively in debt, which as you're fond of saying isnt often fatal, but it is exceedingly bad for a club's health. And what have they acheived for that debt? What did NUFC acheive for the debt accrued during the Shepherd years?
  23. Fulham 167 million in debt Bolton 100 million How much ambition have they shown in the last decade?....have either of them paid a player 80k a week? Football beggars beleif finance wise, its astonishing.
  24. We do if we're going to attempt to attract players who can contribute to us being consistently at the top of the league, because they'll want more money than is currently on offer at NUFC. For that we'll need bigger incomes, as you've pointed out by highlighting the wage bills and indirectly subsequent debts of the clubs youve listed (Bolton and Fulham carry huge debts after around a decade in the top division..TV money alone is plainly not enough to keep even modest clubs solvent) 80k a week is champions league level wages and we dont have champions league level income. And no more subsidies from Mike. Cant see where else that sort of weekly wage is coming from.
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