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That was Chuck Berry

Ferry cross the Hearse-y, more like

Sucked his cock too.

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3 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:


Moses is Copperfield (Parting the sea/Making the Statue of Liberty disappear)

Jesus is Blaine (Pissing about in that cave/Pissing about in that box)


Makes sense when you think about it

:lol: Sort of

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5 hours ago, Alex said:

I tend to think that he either didn't exist or he did but the tales about him are wildly inaccurate.

News at 10.  Man did NOT walk on water shocker.


I'm fairly certain he existed but may change my mind in the 2 pages I haven't read yet.

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2 minutes ago, Alex said:

Just remembered I actually saw them and Faith No More supporting Guns n Roses at Gateshead Stadium. Only went to see the two supporting acts.


Faith No More pissed on Guns n Roses that night.

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Only 52, what a shame. He was one of the best rock and roll singers ever in my opinion, a totally unique voice. Superunknown was a genuine masterpiece, still sounds incredible today. He was good with Audioslave as well, even if they didn't quite have the magic of Soundgarden. RIP.

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28 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

I think most of the Soundgarden songs I like, I like because of the musicianship going on around Cornell but you couldn't deny how good a vocalist and rock songwriter he was. That shows the most in Temple of The Dog which, if you like Soundgarden, is pretty much essential. Shame.

Haven't listened to that album in fucking ages.

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45 minutes ago, sammynb said:


Alive is a shit Pearl Jam song and seeing they were the work of the devil, those fuckers will still be here with Keith when the world ends.


I'm aware of that. :lol: It wasn't intended to be a pun.

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