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Pedlar of the Putrid Prick, Aficionados of the Foetid Fanny vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (Cup version)


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Lets not fuck about lads.



Should see debuts for Lazaar and Murphy




NUFC to Score
0 - TheGingerQuiff
1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom
2 - The Fish, Holden McGroin, Happy Face, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, tooner, barnabox, Ant, Dougle, ToonMarshy, Anorthernsoul, ChezGiven
3 - Andrew, trophyshy, David Kelly, @yourservice, Monkeys Fist, McFaul , wykikitoon
4+ - ewerk, Howay, Christmas Tree , OTF, zico martin, StoneColdStephenIreland, Tom
NUFC to Concede
0 - The Fish, Kevin Carr's Gloves, ewerk, Happy Face, Rayvin, Howay, trophyshy, OTF, zico martin, Ant, wykikitoon, Dougle, Anorthernsoul, Tom
1 - Holden McGroin, TheGingerQuiff, Andrew, David Kelly, Dr Gloom, Christmas Tree , MiddleAgeCool, @yourservice, tooner, McFaul , barnabox, StoneColdStephenIreland, ChezGiven
2 - Monkeys Fist, ToonMarshy
3 - 
4+ - 


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Top Posters In This Topic

Here's what I'd like to see on Tuesday.

It's a good time to start some non-starters




          Yedlin     Hanley     Clark     Lazarr


          Ritchie     Haydon     Diame      Atsu


                           Murphy     Mitrovic








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