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Brighton v Newcastle United

Whats the score like?  

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I honestly think we'll lose, but desperately hope I'm wrong.

In our more recent games we've been less than convincing even when we won.

Will Rafa's starting line-up be surprising or predictable, we'll know soon enough.

Fingers crossed everyone will show-up at the kick-off and not have an under-performing first half which seems to be par for the course of late.

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We're shit when we're playing at home on telly. 


Sorry K, fixed your post.


I have no desire to try and predict results anymore as I fucking wrong if I support them and just as wrong when I expect defeat.

Just turn up you useless twats and try ffs.


Oh and happy belated b/day Cath.

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We're a good side playing without a lot of confidence and without key men; Gayle & Hayden. They're a good side playing with confidence and without the injury problems. We're making silly mistakes and not being efficient up front. We're beating/drawing with poorer sides, because we're much better than they are. Not the case with Brighton.


Draw's not a great result for us and it'd be great for Huddersfield, but I'd take it if it was offered now.

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I've got tickets from one of the Brighton players for this.  In with the enemy.Very nervous.


Oh aye, that Brighton crowd can be brutal. If you're not careful there'll be some very cutting asides about your fashion sense.

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I think we'll win this one but that may rely on Mitro and Perez, if selected, not playing like total fannies. Even if we lose this I think we'll still be going up quite comfortably in the end


:aye: Yup. :aye:

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Labour or Green party down here mate.  Although that might be because no-one from Brighton actually lives in Brighton anymore.

Full of Londonistas and European beggers last time I was there. Rubbish lying around on the streets and polluted seafront. :lol: My kraft ale was served in a jam jar. Nuke from orbit.

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