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Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER


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10 hours ago, PaddockLad said:

Liverpool fans whingeing about being prevented from watching their game and Arsenal v Spurs by <checks notes>  a cabal of shady Arab football club owners is the very fuckin content am here for :lol:




I've spent forty odd years watching these cunts on the TV all the time and a fleeting bit of NUFC coverage has them twisting like fuck. The self entitlement of these and man U fans is off the scale and some of the same cunts moaning probably aren't self aware enough to realise they probably started supporting them based on them winning a few games and never being off the box. They even have their own designated fucking pundits when they play! The fucking brass neck on them. :lol:

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For me, Man U are a tier above Liverpool in the likeable stakes


Klopp is infinitely less likeable than the bald fraud

The Man U fans I find are more decent than the bin dippers


Liverpool are the bottom of the pile for me. The mackems are good for some comedy :D 


The phlegm spitting liverpool commentators on the match yesterday wanting it to end at 90 mins on the dot, incase we managed to get 10 goals and the record :D 

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2 hours ago, Gemmill said:



Some of the author's other great articles.

That last one. :lol: Tell me you’re a tedious cunt without telling me you’re a tedious cunt 

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