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Newcastle United: Club Sold To PCP - Official

The Mighty Hog

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He should shut the fuck up about us. One of the worst pundits out there, which is impressive tbf. I didn’t read the article as the Ronny gill website makes my phone implode, and his comments are a load of rubbish. 

He’s going to be one of the most bitter out there about all this mind, if we get to the Man City type level as he won’t be able to carry on with his “Villa are a bigger club” shite. 

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29 minutes ago, Sonatine said:

Probably some sort of Care in the Community program I'd wager.

Think you’re right…the only one of the old guard at sky sports to keep their job….saw his gambling programme the other day & he obviously needs the money and needs to keep himself occupied :cuppa: 

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12 hours ago, Sonatine said:

This is normally the point where I'd post "that" picture of Steve and his funeral cortege, but seriously, what's the point? :lol: 


Absolutely at some point you have to stand back and admit that he's doing a much better job of ridiculing himself than anyone else could ever do.

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