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  2. Europe --- In or Out

    It’s fucking amazing mind, all these daft cunts that shouted for Brexit, suddenly realising what they’ve done when it bites them on the arse. Farmers will be next. Then the mackems at Nissan. Stupid. Fucking. Cunts.
  3. Matty Longstaff had a terrible game, gave it away every time he touched the ball.
  4. Yes Gemmill...

    RIP. What an absolute legend.
  5. Scouse Makems v Two pints of lager and packet of crisps please.

    So which league would be his level because he'd struggle in the Championship for certain.
  6. Today
  7. Politics

  8. This is the news!

    Gemmil looks good in his peaky blinders bonnet there
  9. This is the news!

  10. Europe --- In or Out

    Won't somebody please think of the gammon faced fish!
  11. Funny pictures thread

  12. It was indeed a very pathetic performance until the last 4 minutes. The only players who garnered any credit for their display were Dubravka, Ritchie, and Almiron. Some credit of course must be given to late substitute Lejuene for his 2 goals, especially the scissor-kick. Joelinton keeps on being a dud, Atsu was absolute rubbish, Lascelles went from star against Chelsea to dire defender against Everton. I could go on and on but I'll stop now.
  13. A tactical masterstroke.
  14. General Random Conversation..

    I think this needs more investigation. I may be some time. Don't wait up.
  15. Last night is probably among the worst 5 away performances I've seen under Ashley. We were second to absolutely fuckin everything, when we got on the ball we were bullied off it at least half a dozen times and they appeared two yards quicker all over the pitch. It wasn't a lack of effort on our part as such, they just physically dominated us for the whole until Ancelotti made some late changes and Pickford fucked up in injury time. There is consolation in that performance by the virtue of the point but absolutely nothing else.
  16. We had a lot more possession than we did against Chelsea. I’m not disagreeing re: last night but I think to say we managed to occasionally retain the ball on Saturday is sugar-coating it a bit. Last night’s performance was just markedly worse. Which took some doing
  17. Politics

    Nandy's on the final ballot, bitchez.
  18. Politics

    Whether you think NL were a force for good or not (I actually think generally they were), there can be no argument that they incorporated facets of Thatcherism. I think the discussion should be more about the point of stating it - if its to gain kudos with the young zealots in the membership by framing it negatively then I thinks its just playing for votes and dubious, if it's to take the position that a government has to play the establishment game in this country to do anything then its fairly practical (but sad).
  19. The Guitar Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jan/22/guitar-maker-fender-fined-45m-for-price-fixing-in-uk Fender have been up to no good.
  20. Yes Gemmill...

    Terry Jones, Monty Python
  21. Oxford

    Well it’s more than Chelsea took up at the weekend.
  22. Politics

    Blair = Iraq. Brown ="Labour's financial crisis" No tory would have done differently, but to ignore everything else is madness. I was furious with Blair about Iraq as it happens, long before we invaded (as were millions of others). Brown in contrast should be applauded for his actions in the financial crisis, but fuck me, the tories are still dining out on it and will be for at least another decade.
  23. Oxford

    Just for clarity 3.5 - 4k may not sound a lot ............. but it`s about 60-70% of our average home gate! Looking like a 40k+ crowd so the biggest we`ve run out too since our, relatively frequent, trips to Wembley.
  24. Politics

    Because it's a very simple narrative to press.
  25. Politics

    If Blair hadn't gone to Iraq, I wonder how different all of this would have been. Labour would have been nowhere near as toxic and perhaps more left wing voters would remember the years fondly. Honestly I see more people go after him over Iraq than anything else.
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