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  2. Rewatch every match we played last season and just get them to do the same again. Bruce on his own can’t do any better.
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  4. The Cricket Thread

    Always nice to bowl first and skittle them out for under 200. Never had any doubt in Root’s decision So, @Ken about that momentum...
  5. Last season after Rondon was fit and Almiron signed we played 3-4-3. Go back to that, drop Shelvey and bring Manquillo in
  6. The Cricket Thread

    Good recovery after that ugly innings from Warner. Still need to bowl them out for a bit under 250 to justify bowling first
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    Leave has no greater ally than the fuckwit Remain "alliance".
  8. This is the news!

  9. Europe --- In or Out

    I am not sure how it does affect beer prices but he is welcome to tariff free piss from all those countries..,
  10. He'll probably just play a 5-5-0 formation.
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Never a fan of winning the toss and bowling first
  12. Bruce needs to abandon his 3-5-2 formation against Spurs and go with 4-4-2. Miggy is an attacking mid-fielder, not a striker, he belongs in the middle, not partnering Joelie up front.
  13. Aye Spurs will batter our absolute shower. Going to be giving this one a miss tbh.
  14. The Cricket Thread

    In test match cricket, you’re probably right. A decision was made by the ECB to do everything to win the World Cup. The test team has suffered because of that strategy - an unbalanced side with too many players in white ball mindset. Our batting at the top of the order has been flakey post Strauss, Trott and Cook. That’s not to say we aren’t still capable of dispatching a pretty average Australia side in home conditions. Your bowling is impressive, your batting, other than Smith, isn’t. I would agree this is your best chance of winning the Ashes over here for 20 years. But the momentum in the series has shifted. Smith is out for Headlingly, Archer had a barnstorming debut and we’ve got the leading wicket taking fast bowler of all time hopefully to come back in the side for the final two tests.
  15. Fill your boots Tottenham to win Tottenham to be winning half time and to win Kane first scorer Kane first scorer and Tottenham to win Kane to score at anytime Kane ' trick'
  16. The Cricket Thread

    Really? I f not for Archer this is the worst England team since Nasser Hussein captained.
  17. The Guitar Thread

    Came to Crimson Guitars for a repair and maintenance course. I thought it would be a gentle introduction - lunchtime on day 1 and I've removed all the frets and nut from my tele and am partway through putting a new set of frets on it. Terrifying.
  18. Won’t be watching - I predict another defeat followed by a bunch of excuses from sheephead
  19. same as usual, not sure I want to watch it
  20. Precedent Trump

    Like a 14 year old paperboy writing his own job reference "The best president in the history of the world... he is like the second coming of God" And not a hint of irony
  21. My plan is to turn out at midday and immediately start drinking so I can’t even remember the match when I wake up on Monday.
  22. Europe --- In or Out

    Wine from Australia has a maximum of 8p a bottle tariff, Chile is zero as will most of South American wines soon, most South African wine is tariff free. It’s hard to know if Tim Martin knows this or is just thick as fuck.
  23. 8-0 tottenham to finally lay to rest the ghost of the 7-1 mauling in '96. sissoko to score all 8 in a stunning display of clinical finishing. bank holiday weekend, good weather forecast, gonna fuck off in the van and head to either the pembokeshire coast or snowdonia national park. can't decide whether to choose a location where mobdro gets the eternal circle of stream loading or tune in like a sick car crash rubbernecker.
  24. Sissoko to bang in the 5th with a deflection off his arse.
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