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  2. Just look at Bill Gates. He cooked up Covid-19 in a lab in Wuhan.
  3. Exactly. You don't become Billionaires without being cunts.
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  5. The Cricket Thread

    Aye, you never know mind but we’ll need openers to keep there heads and not fuck up
  6. Other games 2019/2020

    Juventus all square but need 2 more to go through Man city also 1-1 but ahead on agg not the best Real Madrid team I've ever seen
  7. Every Premier League winning club of the last 10 years, including Leicester, has been funded by businesses with questionable, at best, and downright immoral, in truth, practices. If your concern is having a “clean” club, follow another sport- I hear quoits is fairly wholesome.
  8. ‘At least half’? I’ll take that as admission as 100%
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    What’s £581 divided by 25? Asking for a hairy friend.…
  10. I don't think ashley has caused the death of any old ladies
  11. Well at least half of that statement is true
  12. It’s the main punk festival in the UK each year. I’ve seen Descendents, Black Flag, Bad Religion etc there over the years. I’m old enough to get away with standing at the back these days
  13. Other games 2019/2020

    Lyon pen makes it 2-0 on agg V Juventus
  14. Is that one of them mosh pit / up the arse corner photo op type events?
  15. Ive paid good money to go to Blackpool for Rebellion Fest a few times
  16. Other games 2019/2020

    Shocking defending by Real Madrid
  17. Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

    Nah, he’s boycotting there. Apparently the donkeys on pleasure beach are zealots and follow a strict form of sharia law. The subjugation of the female donkeys is barbaric. Plus, Blackpool is an utter shit hole and doesn’t have big fancy shopping malls and indoor ski slopes.
  18. Howay, man. We both know you’d go to Blackpool for a fortnight if it was free
  19. Is Steve Wraith a simpleton? Just seen his SSN effort. Cunt!
  20. Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

    There's no such thing as clean money. And making comparisons between Ashley and MBS is absolutely futile they are both sociopaths who have no regard for anyone but themselves and their money. Ashley might not have ordered anybidy murdered but he undoubtedly has caused people to die through his behaviour
  21. mackem messageboard gold

    And Sunderland too tbf.
  22. He literally paid good money to holiday in Dubai and was promoting there and Qatar as great spots a few years ago.
  23. The Cricket Thread

    Entertaining day's play but I think Pakistan have enough runs already. Especially with their attack and this pitch
  24. Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

    Read my original post, my stance was pretty fucking clear that I am in favour of it but, given what I feel about that regime, I am honest enough to accept the hypocrisy of my position.
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