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    It's fucking unfathomable that there is even a sliver of the electorate that thinks this cunt is fit to govern the country. I wish nothing but horrible shit for him personally. Worse than May. He's actually worse than that arsehole by a distance which is almost unthinkable. The sooner the baby boomer generation that puts these cunts in charge dies off, the better.
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    Off to Portugal this morning for a week
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    So this is going to be the week when Mike Ashley can rightly say he is getting the hang of this business lark.
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    Trump's doctored presidential seal leads to firing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49116539
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    WTF have you cut & pasted that from?!!?
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    Brings a new meaning to "another one bites the dust".
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    Suz and the wee fella have thier Irish passports now so obviously the indoctrination has begun
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    Guaranteed to be sitting in Jinky’s every night singing along to the Fields of Athenry at 2am.
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    I wonder how many foreskins he cut with them
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    H&S laws are tied to EU regulations, how they are discharged is up to the member states. Also no proof that glyphosate causes cancer.
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    He's an exception, he's a legend. Met him a couple of times, absolutely off his fucking nut
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    Fuck that, I hate fancy dress, it's for cunts
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    Zanzibar this weekend. Back to my roots.
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    I, for one, can’t wait for my lukewarm kippers through the post.
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    That’s his main strength, to go into hiding when things are getting tough.
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    Give him a break, he’s got 2/1 on a sub 35,000 crowd.
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    When’s the last time you heard anyone on the Brexit side talk about what’s actually best for the country? That argument has been lost and they don’t want to discuss it.
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    that makes zero sense. labour keep bleating about a GE. a successful vote of no confidence is how you get one. johnson is assembling a GE cabinet. he will call one sooner or later anyway. better to do it with him on the back foot, surely.
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    If they call one and Labour doesn't back it then yes, his hand has been strengthened. If one is called, Labour need to go all in with it.
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    He's going to have to get used to the Lib Dems getting the credit for things Labour should be doing, for as long as Labour persist with not doing things things that Labour should be doing.
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    We've broken our transfer record and still aren't as strong as last season up front. Some doing

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