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  1. http://www.getsharepod.com/ If you download it theres something in the instructions about video files...there is an issue with them I think but they do explain how to get round it.
  2. sharepod is the required software for this task...no need to thank me
  3. Is there a way of doing this for free?....£20 for the software seems a bit steep...
  4. Income like the 25 million Ashley threw at the club the season before last? The point am trying make is that's not going to happen in the future. I don't think its beyond the realms of possibilty that the 25mill was in part at least to cover long term contracts such as Smith's. Obviously this is all conjecture, Mike may put even more into the club. But iyam the signs are he won't so we'll have to fund signings like Carroll by buying relatively low priced players and selling them on for a large profit.
  5. how do you think the club has been finding Smiths wages?
  6. Did this the other day...he's on around 4 million a season at Liverpool. He'll want at least the same length of contract so you're looking at around 12 mill+. Can't see how else we'll find that sort of cash.
  7. Ashley's not put a penny into the club since the promotion season....as Dekka is fond of saying we now "wipe our own mouth". We have to generate transfer fees and wages by selling and releasing players currently on the pay roll. Its what we do.
  8. Going on past experiance... is it fair to say thet in all likelyhood much of the last 2 windows business has been funded by the sale of Carroll in the first place?
  9. Chaka Demus and Pliers or Elvis Costello...Shipbuilding...class..
  10. Matt Johnson is probably the most underrated songwriting artist this country has produced iyam. Beautifully simple hearfelt song here for example : Then predicting the first gulf war by a good 5 years or so here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHzOG4mJ0PA&feature=related Genius. Wish he'd do another album.
  11. Vela's gone to Real Sociedad Bojan isnt happening, so Andrew very forcefully told me the other day...
  12. If we're paying him what hes on at Liverpool we're losing Cabaye or Cisse to pay for it.
  13. Think you're being too overly negative there Brock. Get on board Big Mike's Fun Bus at once!
  14. Competition for places A mate went to watch Fulham play Twente last season in the europa and came back raving about a Brazilian centre half who he reckoned would be brilliant in the Premier League. Think we may have been linked with him by then, but not that strongly.
  15. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/9821616.Reds_interest_in_Ba_could_lead_to_Carroll_deal/ Ba linked with the deal now by that well known organ of accurate media reporting, The Northern Echo What the article says kind of makes sense, but is likely to be educated guess work. Dont know how a reporter on a local rag based in the North East would know that Joe Cole is going to be included in Livepool's plans for next season when nobody else is making such claims but you'd imagine that he's more Rodger's sort of player than Andy Carroll is. Carroll is due to fly to the US next week to join up with Liverpool and Ba has 13 days left on his own private cheapo transfer window. If Carroll doesn't travel this weekend I expect there will be a deal done involving Ba so Liverpool can save a bit of face. The reasons nufc.com put forward for Ba's possible departure this summer a few months ago were very persuasive iyam and its good business to swap the two on an age and potential basis alone, and there is also Demba's dodgy knee. Its just the financial side that makes me think it could be a bad idea. A season long loan for Carroll with Ba's 7.5 mill in the bank would be the best we can hope should this link prove to be accurate.
  16. Brian McDermott seems a good bloke but he's making the same mitake as a lot of other Championship coaches make after promotion...signing players from the division theyve just left. Fair enough budget comes into it, but if you get the right characters then there is so much more value abroad than in the home market. Looks like he's doing what Mick Mcarthy did with the tramps when he got them promoted....next season 12 points was their lot
  17. So what if Liverpool fancy some sort of swap deal...Demba for Carroll?....Cabaye for Carroll?......Ben Arfa for Carroll? Cisse?.... any takers for that sort of action?... theyd lose less face that way, but I certainly wouldnt want to lose any of them regardless of who was coming in.
  18. Its interesting that the Chris Hughton's much-vaunted "players comittee" have either all been moved out or are out of the picture, first team wise. Never heard Shola's name being mentioned in connection with it though
  19. I think its little to do with Carroll as a person and more to do with Rodgers raising cash for his own signings. Do they ahve any other assets that could conceiveably raise 15-20mill?
  20. Didnt Inter win the league the other year with virtually no Italian players? nowt much has changed, less than a quarter of last seasons squad are Italian... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011%E2%80%9312_F.C._Internazionale_Milano_season They do however have this in their favour: The club is commonly known as Inter Milan outside of Italy.[2][3] They have spent their entire history in the top flight First Division (known as Serie A since 1929). Internazionale have won 30 domestic trophies, including the league eighteen times, the Coppa Italia seven and the Supercoppa Italiana five. From 2006 to 2010 the club won five successive league titles, equalling the all-time record.[4] So, Dr Gloom mentioned that theyre "arguably a bigger club" over the page...I think we can safely say they fuckin dwarf us But, he'll be torn I think. A changing room full of his countrymen would no doubt suit him, but it is Inter Milan who are also calling. Tough one.
  21. I doubt strongly if he'll be playing at Anfield next season like but unless its a years loan first he's a massive gamble for any club and I expect Rodgers wants cash in for him now so he can bring his own players in. Have West Ham got the cash? and are they willing to part with the 15-20mill for a player who may end up being a crippling financial millstone?....looking at the owners of WHU its "probably, to show the fans theyre BIG players" and "yes" to those questions. We're far more financially cannier than the dildo sellers, and Carroll actually wants to play for us, which is a big factor. But if Liverpool won't accept a loan deal first then I cant see a deal being done.
  22. Went a bit MOR mad at the weekend...
  23. thats what I mean...no one else gets complete final say on almost everything (within a given budget) at their club apart from Fergie. The rest of them are their to coach the players and thats it.
  24. He's entitled to his too. I've a lot of time for everyone's opinion, but when you start throwing insults around from behind a internet connection because yours have been proven to be ill founded it does tend to make you look a bit daft.
  25. I thought he had a year left on his contract?...maybe am wrong..
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