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  1. Oh yeah!..good old, err.."Terry"...remind me who he plays for again, seems to have slipped my memory...
  2. I'm sorry, did you miss the meeting where Mike Ashley was deemed to be an utterly useless cunt?...was around May 2009 iirc...
  3. Ok I'll say it....wtf is a dlp?....and would Klopp use it during a coaching session?...if not, I don't want to see it on this board again, capice?...
  4. or even when they won it in 74?....
  5. wonder where the inspiration came from?....
  6. Robbens bottled that. Should've scored.
  7. Dortmund 4-1 in places, but it has the be stated that Bayern won the Bundesliga by 25 points I've had a cheeky £10 on Dortmund.....in a two horse race its stupid not to
  8. Because the far right in England and Loyalists have a lot in common. Also that's why you'll find a significant amount of Rangers fans favour England over Scotland. Was out in cosmopolitan Bournemouth earlier where there was a party atmosphere around the Thai festival being held in the town square....however, I live in neighbouring Poole, where middle aged men with no necks and red faces were handing out BNP flyers, suddenly emboldened, this week. The mosque at the top of our road has been attacked too. Bournemouth is 4 miles away. Might as well be the other side of the moon.
  9. Fair play to Lambert, mingling with the fans in Trafalgar Square....underrated as a player iyam....spoiled himself by spending too long in Scotland...John Collins was the same...he played against me too, he often mentions it
  10. Unproven at the top level though and tournament football is a strange beast, especially on another continent. As I say though, you'd definetly want to catch some of their games in Brazil.
  11. I've purposely avoided all online comment sections this week tbh, apart from on here obviously. If am not mistaken a psychopath is someone incapable of showing empathy; The video evidence does suggest that they truly didnt give a fuck. Don't know what that makes someone launching a drone from thousands of miles away though. Tough one.
  12. Aren't those two wide players though?....Belgium's first 11 on paper is quality, but football's played on grass and the squad looks a bit thin. Looking forward to seeing them next summer.
  13. Fuck me he's a shoe-in for Belgium hes the only striker they've got
  14. Well what do do you mean by that?...this is what am on about....who has tried to justify it?...
  15. Tight Fish-ted? Emsworth is niiiiiice...if you get a chance nip down to Bosham...its so pretty it makes me cry...the Saxon church there is on the Bayeaux Tapestry and an infant daughter of King Canute is buried there..
  16. Its easy to get the wrong end of the stick on something like this when emotions are running high. Am just waiting for someone to kill a Moslem for no reason in the next month, bit like this, the same day that some Moslems were jailed for plotting terror attacks: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10033881/Racist-fear-in-Birmingham-murder-of-Muslim-grandfather.html
  17. The amount of shit thats going around on the internet in general about this is fuckin depressing. My brother hasnt got a bad bone in his body (he's a much nicer person than me!) and hes putting EDL stuff up on facebook...people just react without thinking and just dont give a fuck about the other side of any issue. And as has been illustrated in this thread, any discussion as to the possible motivation for this horrendous act is misconstrued as trying to justify it.
  18. You need to stop that shit Tooj, thinking about football as a sport....what will the sponsor-driven tv compnies do if you were to drop the group stages ffs? get a grip man..
  19. Goes without saying! Got the invitation with her parents name and address on it.....know the family, they live in an avenue overlooking the sea near where Teddy Sheringham lived when he played for Pompey....but I know theyre only two genrations out of a fuckin caravan so the pykey cow can shove it
  20. So it is, been on backshift all week so am a bit all over the place....working Monday at 4pm too I've got one in a few weeks on a Friday...the present mrs PL is a solicitor's secretary, and hes invited us both to to whole fuckin thing...service, "wedding breakfast" (wtf??!!) and the evening do. I'll know about 3 people there and as a subbie I'll lose a shift's dosh. I asked why I just couldnt come to the evening do and was told that someone didnt want to go on their own, despite them knowing plenty of people going. Tbf, her boss is generally a good lad, but I dont see why I should lose money because he's saving his own by not getting married on a fuckin Saturday.
  21. Did you identify with the victims of 9-11 in the same way?
  22. Who the fuck gets married on a Sunday?.....apart from my cousin, because the most expensive wedding venue in Edinburgh is cheaper then, apparently....
  23. "The Tudors" was dirtier than the River Tyne in 1972 ....good work on tonights presenter Fist .... bet she's no Dr Alice in the voice stakes though...
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