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aye cheer up sima. even i'm buzzing at this. it's bound to end in disaster but he's going to bring the feel good factor back. imagine the atmopshere when he's unveiled


(deschamps probably would have been the smart appointment but who gives a fuck? this club is a soap opera after all)

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Keegan is probably the only person big enough at NUFC to be able to have Shearer as his No.2 without the constant threat of the fans turning on him and Shearer taking his job.


First time I've been really excited about the club for a long time.

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I hope this works... I really do.... I feel like a kid who's just looked through his first jazz mag..


But I'm worried it'll end in tears. Taylor went back to Watford and it wasn't the same. Kendall went back to Everton and was a shadow of his former self.


People need to treat this like they did the first time he was appointed.... with no expectations at all. If they expect, they'll most likely be disappointed.

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Actually dismayed that we have appointed a man who nearly got Man City relegated a few years back.


How about the man who nearly won us the title a few years back? You know, the closest we've come in decades?


You just can't help yourself, can you? Short of Jesus Christ teaming up with Jose Mourinho is there anyone who might make you happy?


As for me - GET IN! :nufc: :nufc: Return of the King!


Deschamps would have made me happy, not someone who has been out of the game for three years after walking out on a plummeting Man City team.


Forgetting the name, are you happy appointing someone like that? Football is a lot different to it was 5 years ago nevermind 12.

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