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Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

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I feel sorry for Fish Jr.    Fish-“ I think the character progression between season 1 and 2 leaves a lot to be desired- what’s the motivation for him to keep returning to the garden,  and w

Dave man!

Hope you wiped the seat down, at least. 

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Watched a monstrosity called 'Knowing' last night. I reckon i must be really exhausted as i watched all of it because i couldnt be arsed to turn it over or find something else. Dear me.


I posted about it a few pages back. First hour is ok then it goes so tits up it's untrue. :lol:

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Frozen 9/10


This film is fucking brilliant.


Its probably been made on a tiny budget but it really has been very well made, the storyline is different, its full of finger biting tension and plenty of oh my god scenes.


Watch the trailer if you will on IMDB, but dont let the trailer put you off, it really is a good film.



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Elephant- 3/10. Pretentious and dull indie film about a school shooting. Consisted mostly of showing how 'ordinary' the students are, so just an hour of watching them talk about absolutely nothing before they all get mowed down.


City of God- 9/10. Brilliant film, brilliantly shot. Cracking twist at the end as well.

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