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  2. General Random Conversation..

    Tudor Pickled Onion wasn’t so much a crisp as a rite of passage for your mouth.
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Tayto do great spring & onion tbf.
  4. General Random Conversation..

    Haven't seen a spring onion crisp in a while. I like a cheese and onion disco, bit of a bamps crisp though so would only eat them in the house
  5. General Random Conversation..

    The only place I've seen them sold here is B&M bargains. They're okay, probably equivalent to Golden Wonder and definitely better than the ubiquitous Walkers. My favourite crisps are Brannigans, but seem to be disappearing. The best crisp of all time though has to be Tudor pickled onion. Spring onion was great too.
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Stitched up by the Secret Cabal of Tyneside Police no doubt
  7. General Random Conversation..

    Soda bread is the only thing in that list I enjoy. The famous Tayto cheese and onion aren’t great tbf.
  8. Yes Gemmill...

    Reminded me of this
  9. Today
  10. General Random Conversation..

    Tayto crisps are bang average like
  11. General Random Conversation..

    I love NI's odd traditions they are so proud of. All the NI lads at Uni loved Caffreys beer, which I thought was very ordinary. Claiming whiskey was better than whisky ffs. Fifteens. Breakfast with soda bread (which is great tbf). But the love of Taytos tops the lot. They're nee Tudor like (ban coming up on charge of heresy).
  12. General Random Conversation..

    Nothing comes close to Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps
  13. Eurovision 2015...6...7...8...9

    So that’s where CT’s been
  14. Precedent Trump

    Agreed. They’ll just convince themselves it’s fake news anyway
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    Surprised they arnt all ‘those were undercover mags marra!’
  16. General Random Conversation..

    The wasabi ones will have fuck all wasabi in btw (it’ll just be horseradish).
  17. @Pmacgiollabhain Yaxley-Lennon. The wankers wanker

  18. mackem messageboard gold

    Hang on, weren't they just bemoaning their own fans behaviour at Wembley when they lost to Pompey? I'm sure they were saying they saw a guy racially abuse a steward and drunken supporters pissing in random places round the stadium/fan zone.
  19. mackem messageboard gold

    Just what every fan base hopes for, the opposition fan base to be patronizing about how nice you lot are after they pump you. I don’t know a fan base around that if they won a final would give a fuck what the losers were like tbh. Again, this is a fan base that gave regular vocal backing, then abused the victim of, a horrible little sex offender. They really have to stop talking about what a classy fan base they are. I assume they’ll only take about 10k to Wembley given about 20k bothered to turn up to their semi? The fair weather little tramps.
  20. mackem messageboard gold

    “Planning to be classy” ”Liz for for fucks sake leave that can on the mantelpiece we’ve got to go out and get our picture took for the RAF fly past. You’re supposed to be Queen”
  21. mackem messageboard gold

    All three innocent stitched up by the filth. Allegedly..... https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/three-sunderland-supporters-hit-with-banning-orders-after-violence-broke-out-at-sunderland-afc-game.1474477/
  22. General Random Conversation..

    Yeh Wasabi & Jalepeno are are both 10/10 flavours. The other two are shite.
  23. Only in America

    Man, some of the replies to this
  24. General Random Conversation..

    Haven't had them I don't think but they sound as shit as the chicken wings ones
  25. mackem messageboard gold

    https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/being-gracious-in-defeat.1474606/unread Planning to be classy if they lose
  26. General Random Conversation..

    Aye they’re amazing. I like how they trick you into thinking they aren’t too hot and then they take your head off. The wasabi ones are lush too, although they’re quite rare for some reason.
  27. General Random Conversation..

    Aye they put it on a drill thing and it gets spiraliled and deep fried with tayto flavours, unreal
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