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John Carver Football Genius

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I would be much more surprised if we got someone like Garde instead of giving it to someone like Carver. He's an Ashley appointment if ever you've seen one. He's played a blinding audition with those two wins too

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Any minute now he's going to stop telling people what his job is, and start actually bloody doing it.


Fucking idiot is delusional - says he's 100% sure everyone who defies the boycott will be behind the team - cue 90 minutes of silence, with booing at half time and full time.


Of course he's got the job, he's Pardew 2.0.

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He lives in my neck of the woods actually. Or at least he used to a year ago, not sure if the pay increase he got for becoming manager means he can afford a nice place up the road near all the players. I'm not ashamed to say if I ever bumped into him I'd probably be as nice as pie - no need to give the man grief in his personal life. I've seen him once, but that was only from a distance and he was leaving the place. He was still a coach then, so was still pretty under the radar (or about as under it as you can get living in the city and being connected to the club). It's actually been quite annoying this manager business - it's daft but since he is technically 'one of me' I really wish I could go back to the blissful ignorance of thinking he was clued up about football and had the good fortune to get a job at his home club, but just had the misfortune of having an idiot for a manager/owner.

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