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Who do you want as manager  

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It'd reflect our pursuit of Thauvin. Once Carr's mind is made up it's not for changing!

We won't get the fat Spanish waiter ffs.

This team would get relegated from the Championship

Still think it is far too late to save the season if this goes through - we just dont have the games left to safely secure ourselves - especially when bournemouth are making lines away and sunderland will fluke their way to safety via another 3 points against us / a beach ball / a paedophile.

Think our safety could very well be out of our hands and rely totally on other teams dropping harder than us.

Will benitez help make that more likely by us not dropping it so hard in the remaining 10? Hopefully.

Will it be enough? I honestly dont know

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he's basically got to win 4 games and draw one or two.


mackems, swansea and palace at home, norwich and villa away look like being the games we might get something from.


shame we couldn't get benietez in time to coach them for the leicester game. a new manager bounce could really compound the pressure on them as they chase the title in a game they'll be expected to win.

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No way this is gonna happen.

:lol: Aye that's my feeling on it too. Real Madrid to the train wreck that is NUFC relegation season 2015/16, if he does come in though it further shows how fucking insane appointing McClaren was if we can bring in managers of Benitez's level.
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His teams play very attractive football.


It's years since I've watched anything other than Premiership football, but I never fancied the football Liverpool played under Benitez.


Would still take your hand off if offered Benitez, but we are dealing with the team that brought us Joe F Kinnear, TWICE.

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