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    We can get results v Liverpool at home, I think we're unbeaten in four, but can't see us getting anything on Saturday especially if we're missing key players. No way will Rafa roll over but he'll do his best to frustrate them with whatever he's left to play with come Saturday. Not arsed at all who wins the league, both sides have been outstanding and deserve it but think a last minute winner against them in a 4-3 win would be splendid.
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    A week after Billy McNeil, Steve Chalmers who scored the winner v Milan to win the European Cup for Celtic in 1967 dies at 83. Plainly one of life's good guys .....
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    I think you know full well.
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    Any grown man fighting at football matches in 2019 is a fucking gonk anyway
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    It's unlikely but I hope we damage them with a draw or a defeat - it would be a modicum of payback for 96.
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    If he was reeeaaallly flexible, he could bend over and clean his own arsehole very efficiently with that horrific excuse for a haircut.
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    I once had a shite off a 600ft cliff. It disappeared from view as it dropped, but then did a passable “Wile E Coyote” splat as it hit the deck.
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    Tit scenes have been inversely proportional to the amount of zombies shown. Now they are gone I expect, no demand, wall to wall blart. Mind you Melisandre had the best rack, but the lord of light has taken them away.
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    NJS is right, that dagger has been around a while! (I have wiki'd this for some details btw) The cutthroat who came to kill off Bran had it, Cat was led to the conclusion that it is Valyrian steel and (through littlefingers bullshit) that Tyrion had put the hit on Bran which caused him to be taken prisoner and the whole war to begin. Cat gives it to Ned just before she does this this and he has it when he tries to arrest Cersei and Joffrey, when littlefinger betrays ned he takes possession of it. Jump then to season 7 and sam discovers that dragonglass and valyrian steel are going to be useful, there is a drawing of the dagger in the book he is reading about it, we're reminded here that it is one of the few valyrian steel weapons not lost.
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    I agree but the idea was that all the winter is coming stuff and the first scene of the entire thing were foretelling this big living v dead story.
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    I thought she'd given that dagger to Sansa but that was definitely a dragon glass one so I just assumed she used the one Bran gave her that she used on Littlefinger and was originally the one used to attack Bran when he was first crippled. Also stated as Valerian steel.
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    Highlight of the season? Beating our Under 21's
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    You don't come across as a total cunt, so I'd say you're fine
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    And what does that say about some twat going on about a row at a football ground nearly 50 years ago.
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    It's interesting that there's 'plenty out and about' who'll sort out any away fans as I was told there was a few lads over there for a piss up/stag do all with NUFC shirts on very recently and not a peep was said by anyone in fact a few locals looked a bit nervous by all accounts and the police apparently moved them on and out of the town by 9. Don't know any of them and it could be total bollocks but my mate who told me isn't prone to bullshitting and reckons he was with them for a couple of aways a few years ago. Dangermows and Riever must've been washing their hair.
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    It has the potential to be Rafa's last home game so there's also no chance he'll want to bow out on the other side of a hiding.
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    With Almiron & maybe Perez out there’s little chance of a home win. We might nick a stuffy point if Liverpools front 3 have an off day. I personally don’t care who wins the league.
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    I'll always love the fact they they just make stuff up, then get really angry about the stuff they've just invented
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    Don’t worry everyone there is still hope for another special relationship to be forged: But those Pompey lads still have to watch themselves or they’ll get a clip from the worldwide SAFC fan base (special mention to the below being a response to that knacker Dangermows trying to portray their scummy fan base as whiter than white): aaaaand yet another brilliant bit of delusion chucked in for good measure: everyones cup final etc. I wonder when they’ll click on that it’s not the case? Season 2 in League One maybe, I still can’t believe they call us deluded all of the above comes from one thread, there’s also a Boro fan arguing before they try to form a bond with them by saying most Sunderland fans want Boro to do well and vice versa. The top 2 divisions are far better without these deluded, trampy fuckers. They’ve been absolutely shite in every division they’ve been in for my entire life, they idolize Kevin Phillips and Niall Quinn, 2 absolutely bang average strikers which says it all really.
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    Last I heard, they went to Berwick for a scrap, got so bored they ended up forming a Magic The Gathering league, and were never heard from again. Perhaps.
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    Where have the Seaburn Casualties gone? 20 of those could have taken Sparta. Or was it their local Spar?
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    They’re quick to forget that at one of the Derby’s at SJP they launched a flare into our disabled fans section. At the time it was the funniest thing ever but suddenly it’s abhorrent. Perhaps the Portsmouth fans were using a different brand of flare!?
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    I hope to fuck you mean Salah
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    It’s nice to see someone playing for one of the clubs further down the league getting some recognition.
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