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in my opinion there is no way Colo wrote this, it's constructed in a way that indicates a native english speaker. Someone wrote it and he agreed to put his name to it, at best. As others have said we've had much worse captains too.

#weneedyoutoputyournametothistoappeasethesupporters #versiontwo



You are loyal, passionate and knowledgeable fans, the best in football as far as I’m concerned.


“Even when we haven’t managed to get the result we wanted from a game, you’ve been able to see what we were trying to do throughout the game and have given us your backing all the way.


“I have to say your support has been like that all season.


“We are adapting to a new and exciting style of play under Steve McClaren and we’re starting to see things come together now.


“First and foremost we want to win, of course, but we also want to entertain and give you the kind of football you want to see from your team. That’s certainly our aim as the season progresses.


“I have lived in this football-mad city since 2008 and have loved every minute of it.”


“I have played football all over the world and experienced many different stadiums but there are few that can match St. James’ Park. We are a one-club city and the Geordies are very special.


“That’s why when we step out onto the field to represent your city, we do our absolute best to repay your support each and every time.

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Except he didn't have the engine or the mobility to have anywhere near an effect in that role.

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That can't be any worse than what he already offers, despite trying. He's so past it and it's a bit sad really, he could have left with the same kind of affection as Jonas had. But wear the captains armband and you can't take the piss like he does. Totally past it, he must know it.

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I honestly think Colo is being subjected to far too much slagging on here. Sure he's getting on, sure his flaws are increasing, but he does put in some good blocks and challenges, and is still capable of having a decent game. He's comfortable on the ball and does carry if forward quite well. I believe his overall performance as a centre-half and captain is lacking, but I've seen a lot worse wearing a black n' white shirt in that position.

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The worst part of this is that basically every fan knew we needed defenders, even the thickest of charvas was banging on about how we needed defenders in January. We were one of the worst defences in the league as well as being dangerously thin so there really wasn't reason to avoid buying.


So what will the starting pairing be? Lascelles and Taylor? fucking horror show that.

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