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    We’re the only team in the league to get our recovery facilities from the middle aisle of ALDI.
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    No, Mike Ashley taking £33m out of the club comes first.
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    https://www.football365.com/news/mike-ashley-and-newcastle-the-punditry-silence-is-deafening Good read from F365
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    As I’ve said previously you only need to develop a player good enough to be sold to a championship side now and again for the academy to pay for itself. Anything else is a bonus. Every club should invest on that basis alone but it’s even stupider not to given the way we operate
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    You’re not clever enough for this.
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    we can't upgrade facilities and be the free-spenders of the division in the transfer market. I was wondering why our net spend was so high compared to other clubs...
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    Not think we might have had more depth if he’d invested in a decent academy like? it’s a problem all of his own doing, you tit
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    everything about what was newcastle united reeks of sports direct and has done for fucking years, it shows no signs of abating, the club will decline in direct parallel to his tatty shops be it his second rate sports stuff or what was house of fraser. remember '09 and sportsdirect.com @ St James' Park Stadium? the reality was, still is and always will be St James' Park Stadium @ sportsdirect.com, we're a subsidiary, nothing more, nothing less. he will run it in to the ground, just like he will run his tat shops in to the ground because he's too stubborn and too much of a bully to accept he might just be doing something wrong, he doesn't give a fuck about who he'll take down with him along the way. hope the cunt falls in to giant paper shredder.
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    It’s on par with his explanations why progressing in cup competitions is bad for a football team and similar nonsensical claims in the past. I have said it a couple of times but the fact that Charnley was at the club before Ashley took over and knows what it used to be makes him a serious traitor in my eyes.
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    They’ve had 12 years to do something in these areas. It’s not that they can’t afford to spend on these assets, it’s because they view them as unnecessary expenditure. The idea that every spare penny has gone on first team players is a lie. Shame on you Charnley.
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    Gloomy’s bedsheets looking a piece of used bog roll
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    So what was your excuse then, given that you replied to me questioning your decision to go with an answer that wasn't applicable to you?
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    Tax rebate couldn't justify a new guitar out here but I've wanted some of the Victory Kraken line for aaaages. Got a pair of Dimarzio Illuminators to go in my contemporary Tele as well.
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    I’ve been told by someone I fully believe that he’s been doing exactly that. The rumours about him speaking to Vieira and Arteta are true, it put Vieira off but Arteta still wanted to come but couldn’t get the coaches he wanted to come with him. I also heard he spoke to some of our transfer targets one of them was a full back from France who was supposedly close to signing then opted out. No surprise mind, you can’t treat someone like shit for 3 years and expect them to act in your interest.
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    Definitely and an educated guess would be the fact the club no longer owns the training facilities, Ashley has siphoned them off to a separate company and it's another of the many sticking points for any potential buyer. Just a guess.
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    Is it just me or does Rafa sound like he's threatening to drop a bombshell about Ashley's reasons for not developing the training ground/academy if the club don't behave?
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    It does seem rather contradictory that Ashley has put the emphasis on signing young players with a view to increasing their resale values yet refuses to facilitate that improvement with any investment in the training ground, academy or manager.
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    We all know that if Ashley was serious about taking the club forward, Rafa would still be there. I hope it all blows up in his face, the thick fat cunt
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    People in Newcastle have been talking about my decision to move to China without knowing what happened behind the scenes during my three years at St James’ Park. I haven’t wanted to say too much about that — I’ve encouraged supporters to get behind Steve Bruce and his new team — but I’ve been made aware of what Lee Charnley, Newcastle’s managing director, claimed in the club’s match programme last weekend and I think it’s important I address that. I tried to do my best every day, even staying when we went down to the Championship and saying no to other offers — bigger offers than the one I recently accepted with Dalian Yifang, by the way. If I was only interested in moving “for money”, as Charnley stated, I could have done it much earlier. Over my long career, and especially in my time at Newcastle, I’ve always shown commitment to my club, its city and its community and I’ve done it with professionalism and honesty. Newcastle’s board had a year to sort out my contract but, when we met after the end of last season, they didn’t make me an offer I could accept. They told me they didn’t want to invest in the academy or the training ground — if they like, I can explain the reason why Mike Ashley refused to do that. Their idea of a project was a policy of signing players under 24 and, in my opinion, the budget available was not enough to compete for the top 10. After that meeting, I knew they would not come back with a serious offer and, when it arrived, 19 days later, it was for the same salary as three years earlier and with less control over signings. Charnley’s comments in the programme about having a deal agreed for Joelinton in February explains a lot that I couldn’t understand at that time. After three years of unfulfilled promises, I didn’t trust them. When we finished 10th in the Premier League in our first season back, all players and staff were paid a bonus — aside from my coaching team. That felt like a punishment for me not signing an extension. So, by the end, I knew there would not be a proper offer and they knew I was not signing. couldn’t explain that in public because I was not allowed to talk to the press without their permission, so I was waiting until late June, like every fan, hoping there would be good news about Newcastle’s prospective takeover. On Sunday morning, I switched on my television in Dalian and there was a documentary about Alan Shearer being shown. Can you believe that? It’s true. I saw joy in the faces of Newcastle fans after every goal. I didn’t need the reminder, because I was there so recently, there with all my heart, but it made me think again about that history and potential. And it made me consider something else: what would an 18-year-old Newcastle supporter think about his club now?’
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    Aye but that would take time u dick.

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