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    Well said. During the campaign we (I mean you, but you know what I mean) were told repeatedly that No Deal would never happen and there was going to be a cracking deal and anything else was pure Project Fear (utter scum phrase, by the way.) So anyone who voted Leave did so under that pretense. That doesn't even get into the myriad other lies that Leave told, but that is The Big One as far as I'm concerned. Trying to equate 2016 Leave with 2018-2019 literally drive the Union and the economy off a cliff no-deal insanity is just another right-wing rhetorical trick. It may fool the masses, but it hasn't and won't fool Parliament.
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    Aye, possibly the only player to announce his retirement about 7 years after it happened
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    If we change its name to the Epic Fanny Thread, we can move all the Michael Owen posts in there too.
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    why would you be surprised? there is nothing even remotely rational about the way the club is being run. it's long since past the point of being simple incompetence or bad decision making. there's very clearly an agenda to ensure the club remains uncompetitive. it fails in its role as a sporting institution and survives only as an advertising hording for a fucking hideously tacky brand. ashley doesn't give a fuck about the hopes and dreams of the supporters, on the contrary, im sure the cunt gets a perverse pleasure out of crushing the aspirations out of not only the current generation of our city's folk, but the next one too. he's going fucking nowhere, and you wonder why this prompts some extreme views? for fuck's sake man, what is there even to sit and debate? as for bruce... he like everybody else on the planet earns the right to be liked and respected or warrant the cunt tag. as a player, his career at man utd was of little interest to me, i do however acknowledge his achievements. he earns some historical respect. as a manager he is an irrelevance, the only thing remarkaable about it is that it is littered with betrayal. he demonstates time and time again he has moral compass of a dead slug. he has willingly bought in to being part of a corrupt and vindictive regime and immediately started puking up its soundbytes. fuck the disgusting cunt.
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    It's not about that. Like it or not, the original referendum was so poorly conceived that it was in effect open to interpretation in any way at all. If May had come out and said ok, we'll have soft Brexit which will reflect the closeness of the vote while minimising the harm to the UK, I would have accepted it. As would almost all Remainers, and it would have been straight through Parliament. But she didn't. She wanted the hard right wet dream Brexit. There was never any mandate for this. No one can prove there was. The Tories have tried to maintain that there is somehow, but there just isn't. They've refused to compromise the whole way through, letting themselves be pulled farther and farther to the right, until we get here. I will say unequivocally - if we have another vote, with No Deal on the ticket, and No Deal wins, fine. There's the mandate for it. Stupid as I think it is, as much as it fucks up my life, fine. But while the only mandate remains entirely imaginary, this must be resisted at all costs. I really don't understand how leavers don't appreciate this. No one voted for no deal. No majority voted for Hard Brexit. It's clear as fucking day.
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    can't be arsed to get wound up about anything owen has to say, we have far greater things to be concerned about, although i do reckon it would be hilarious if at some point in the future shearer levelled him! last couple of books i read were by leaf fielding and ted simon. fielding was part of the drug gang caught by operation julie in '77 for producing millions of lsd trips. simon upped sticks on an old triumph 500 and racked up 68,000 miles and 54 countries over 4 years. both inspirational reads. tragic thing is some people will buy and read a book by this tedious and insipid twat. it's no wonder this country is on its fucking knees.
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    If Michael Owen was such an elite footballer how come he only talks about Newcastle United when he releases a book? For a large part of his career here he was about a much use as Jimi Hendrix’s sleeping pills so to go on as if he was above us is utterly laughable. Not one of his ex clubs likes him. No wonder Liverpool didn’t want him back, they’d have known first hand what an utter prick he is.
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    Not quite, theres fresh blood coming through...
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    Goodnight man but do feel free to let me know your reservations on Corbyn at some point, I'm curious. And I'm not going to just shout you down as I hope you know
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    If she’d just shit herself I still would.
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    There's a couple of blokes on the next desk to mine, both leavers, who are absolutely terrified of a Corbyn government. The other day they were whinging about a policy I haven't read about which would count lifetime gifts to kids like weddings and house deposits as part of the iht allowance. Obviously pure evil compared to no deal. They work on a team which has spent just about 2 years preparing for brexit so they know perfectly well how stupid it is but believe eveytthing will be back to normal after six months of a no deal.
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    This is where I am...
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    "We're only worried that your performance level could be affected by a potassium deficiency"
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    Pure galaxy brain logic. “Actually, we think you’re very good which is why we’re throwing bananas at you”
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    This is all him. He’s a bitter little entitled prick who was given everything at a young age and expects the same treatment, long after the world has chewed him up and spat him out.
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    Not bad from a former Tory MP. Wise words?
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07mccsc If he was that delicate for the last 7 years. Why didnt the cunt retire? Oh because he's a money grabbing horrible little cunt.
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    Even Jon Walters scored more Premier League goals than that in his last eight years.
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    Only the grammar stops that from being post of the year.
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    Aye, it’s also worth noting that he’s forgetting that slagging us off and calling Newcastle a small club means he spent the majority of what should have been his prime at a small club... 32 goals in the last 8 years of his career. Sounds like exactly the return you’d expect from a mid to lower PL striker. This is also about the fourth time he’s changed his story on his tenure at us, bore off you thick little posh sounding cunt.
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    Wonder how the UDA drag act/Enniskillen flat Earthers are feeling tonight?
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    Good to see Phil hasn’t grown any brain cells in his absence
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    Aye, and considering some of the shite we’ve signed, that’s quite an achievement. He should put it in his fucking brochure.
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    Best PM of CT's third lunchtime.
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    Honestly I reckon those days are used trying to understand what the fuck it is the government has randomly decided to implement for the year ahead.
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    Oh, has he got a book out? I’d never have realised…
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    Rough like a ninja, stinging like a bee!
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    Meeting between Johnson and the rebel alliance didn't go well by the sound of it. He didn't reckon on Hammond the rebel MP being quite so street tuff.
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    Shame on those fans though, calling him a waste of money after 14 games in two seasons.
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    Well done, you fucking jinx.
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    You’ve inadvertently stumbled upon the real problem, you absolute fuckwit

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