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    IF you see a faded sign at the side of the road
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    always been a bit indifferent to west ham me, although away trips to upton park post '80 always got the old adrenaline pumping for a few years afterwards. any particular reason why you don't care for moyes?
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    And Paul Merson is correct when he calls us "Noocarsuw".
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    Is Bruce taking a blind bit of notice of this medical team of which he speaks?
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    Hard to judge precisely how bad a signing he’s been given there’s no way Ashley didn’t get some of that fee back
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    Dummet injuring his other leg screams a typical Souness/Pardew brought back before the original injury fully healed job.
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    Fuck off man. We aren't winning the league anytime soon so if we don't try in the cups we may as well pack it all in
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    I worry because I honestly can’t see where the goals are coming from. Almiron has got his groove back and Maximin will return to offer us that extra quality but I don’t see the injuries halting any time soon and I have no faith in anyone hitting a goalscoring patch in the way Rondon or Perez could.
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    More than half the season in and our three centre forwards have one goal between them.
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    we might be ok if mikey puts his hand in his flappy jeans pocket in the next couple of weeks and spends another £40m on a striker who knows where the goal is.
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    Focusing on what’s important-I hope they fucking break it.
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    https://www.euronews.com/2020/01/10/london-s-big-ben-must-bong-for-brexit-on-january-31-say-mps Apparently it'd cost £120k. They can pay for it themselves if they care that much, the massive fannies.
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    https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/sorry-phil.1501207/ Fickle as fuck
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    That makes your stance on fan apathy a bit odd when that’s been our approach under this owner for ages
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    Joelinton gets visibly physically frustrated when play breaks down when the ball comes to him. Most of the time he waves his arms around like a twat sat on his arse. That shouldn’t be the reactions of anybody good enough to get paid to play the game. That’s not a lack of effort, but it’s fuckin poor all the same. Get on with the game you massive fanny
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    That was an absolute quality goal. Gayle deserves a lot of credit as does Willems. The injury situation has to go down to Bruce and his coaching team. Benitez wouldn't have had an injury crisis like this, 100%.
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    Commemorative DVD incoming.
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    I I always knew miggy would come good tbf. His attitude and determination and work rate have been absolutely spot on. Gem of a pick fom Rafa. Even if the goal dought, his pace and skill were there for all to see. All of his goals have been topper too. Getting his shots off straifht away. He tracking back is great too. Love him
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    Finished Justified. Fucking hell, what an incredible final scene. Goggins and Olyphant are the boys, people were right.
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    Manquillo would have made all the difference like
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    “Dwight, climb into that wheelie bin, I’ll see if there’s any ice cubes in the freezer”
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    Hes the prime example of 'jobs for the boys' type shite that if you were a known name as a player and had any kind of semi decent return in the premier league at anytime over the last 20 years as a manager then you can still get a job at a club thats run by someone like Mike Ashley
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    Atsu has gone backwards under Bruce. He was never much good in the first place like...
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    I for one didn't see any flaws in the policy of signing a crock for some positive PR
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    What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll
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    If anyone is thinking of watching the BBC Dracula adaption, watch the first two episodes, then go and paint a fence and watch it dry. Moffat clearly took the reins for Ep.3 and royally fucked it with a big stick.
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    He shouldn't put his best team out in the cups. I'm sure he's telling Ashley in private that he needs money to spend.
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    “We are Top of the League, Said We are Top of the League!”

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