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    First picture of Bruce's chauffeur.
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    Has anyone done a cardboard ‘Brucey One of us’ sign yet? Was thinking about making one and going and standing outside the Stadium of Light with it at about 4 am
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    I remember being shocked and dismayed when we appointed Souness but I was on holiday at the time and it was largely pre-internet news. I’ve had time to expect this but it’s as equally as bad an appointment. If any cunt turns up for the Arsenal match then they deserve Ashley.
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    I love that the Chronicle are giving by the minute updates and tweets constantly about the IMMINENT signing of Bruce. Who fucking cares . They’re reading the mood about as well as Taylor did after he scored that shit header against Cardiff and went mental.
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    Bruce is an irrelevance I agree. The club is dead, has been for years but we've kind of plodded on getting excited the odd time despite it. Fuck it. It's dead till fat man is dead as I don't believe the cunts going anywhere while he breathes. Just talking to a pal and we remembered getting patronised about Ashley being a businessman and us being dinosaurs by a young fucking divvy a few years ago now. The club's not our club and despite not wanting to sound like some of these 'it'll kill me not being a season ticket holder' whoppers, (who the fuck had a season ticket a few years ago and why do some wank about it?), it will seem strange not actively watching our games or taking much notice or even punching the air when Joselu/whoever gets a lucky break and scores. The man is 100% the worst thing to happen to NUFC in it's history so fuck you very much john hall for that final cash-in, any good work gone up in smoke you thatcher loving bullshit merchant.
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    Only reason he's knocked it back is in the hope he can get a job where he'd be dealing with agents of his own choice.
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    Why give Bruce any support? He knows exactly what he’s doing by taking this job, there’s no way he thinks we’ll be kicking on up the league, or that it’ll be a step in his development as a manager, it’s just one final PL season with the money that comes along with it. He’s a shite manager, he’ll be shite for us, the football will be shite, and we’ll be odds on for relegation.
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    No mistake about this tbh, it's as clear a middle finger to the fans as is possible. And the approach to Allardyce... the word 'cunt' isn't enough for Ashley. He's a sadistic medieval warlord in the wrong era. Seriously, fuck this club. I'm done with it. Waste of emotional energy.
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    Exactly correct. Fatass has a proven track record for giving shit managers loads of money to blow and letting talented managers starve. As you say, when Pardew was on a purple patch and we finished 5th, it would've been the perfect time to invest heavily in the squad. Some of the pain might've been alleviated. There might've been a road back for Ashley. But instead, we cut our own throat to stop the nosebleed of Europa League football. Of course, Fat Sam and McClaren, easily the worst permanent managers we've had in Fatty's time, had fortunes (comparatively) thrown at them to flood the squad with dross. I fully expect us to sign up to 50m of players this summer now that Rafa has gone.. But it would've been no net spend again if, somehow, he'd signed the extension and stayed another year.
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    The apologists in the press are already in full swing again. They rather appease a thundercunt of an owner not to lose access to informations than a fanbase appalled by the obvious contempt of their feelings.
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    5 million for Bruce We wouldn't pay 16 or whatever for Rondon but we'll pay 5 million for steve fucking bruce after the club were informed that they'd need a new manager for the next season back in May. Just shy of 4 weeks until the transfer window closes, no signings made, another few days then until our first game of the season. This is surely the worst state the club has been in leading into the start of a season since Ashley bought the club right? We're plumbing new depths here.
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    Go to see Gateshead United or Blyth Spartans I'm sure your kid will get just as much enjoyment.
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    There should be no reason whatsoever for anyone who's a NUFC fan to enter SJP.
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    I think he didn't give two shiny shites what would happen under Ashley as long as he got his last NUFC pay day.
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    Some player is actually our transfer policy. As long as they’re on loan and on cheap wages
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    Still heard some patter along the lines of “Ah divvent support Rafa Benitez and aah divvent support Mike Ashley, aah support the Toon”. Seriously. Fucking mongs
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    As much as Ashley is an idiot I still reckon that Allardyce made that up. Not least because he’d have taken the job
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    Yet one is playing for Peterborough, one in Indonesia and the other most likely waiting tables in Benidorm.
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    That’s about it for me, what’s the fucking point? They essentially lost Benitez because they wouldn’t guarantee him a transfer budget, or improve the youth/training facilities, and now they’re appointing Steve fucking Bruce. Anyone who is saying to give him time or any of that shite is talking fucking twaddle, all of this is far beneath the level NUFC should be, not the shambolic version it currently is as like Ant says this fat mess is burning any bridge he crosses, but the version it should be with even a fucking modicum of caring internally towards football. I am very loathe to blame fellow fans, and I completely understand Renton about having already paid etc, that’s all fine but anyone renewing from this point forward (so after this coming season), short of a change of ownership, is bonkers. The football is going to be fucking dire, the players are going to be absolute fucking shit, and we’ll be struggling for promotion which if we get we’ll be doing exactly what we are doing now. I hope the stadium does begin to empty out, I know it’s highly unlikely/I’m not sure what they would do anyway but the PL wouldn’t be happy at all seeing a half/mostly empty stadium which would reduce televised games and hit this fat ugly vindictive cunt in the only place the fucker cares about. At least he is fat, with what seems a very unhealthy lifestyle, all increasing my chances of outliving him and maybe seeing NUFC do something.
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    why anyone is going back to matches next season looking at what is likely to be in place completely baffles me, none of the "day meeting my mates" "i support the team" reasoning makes any sense imo I wouldn't go if it was free and we'd someone like Bruce/Sam etc in charge again, at least not while Ashley is owner Seems like FCB burnt his bridges everywhere anyone shite coming in won't be able to do a "Rafa" with the resource and seen what happened with Sam/Pardew etc, easier shite clubs to earn money at. Anyone up and coming will be put off it because they won't want to risk looking like a total flop first job in when it's untenable and possibly the rafa treatment being public. Only offerings we're going have is someone arrogant who isn't a big name and think they can do well (like fat sam at the time) and is at a smaller club with little comp to be paid or is a free agent
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    Not sure what’s more depressing: Steve Bruce being the number one candidate or the fact we won’t pay the compensation for him.
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    Aye what a great few days that was, and there were still people then telling us it wasn't going to happen and continuing to be miserable etc and so on. Well they were right, but at least I got to have a few days there where I enjoyed the news about the club so fuck it. ALWAYS GET HYPED UP FOR THE GOOD NEWS!
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    It's sad that people still acknowledge what he says and give him the attention he craves. It's the local media that are of bigger concern. They are visibly shit scared of getting behind any fan movement
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    Stick this here....
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    Nobody should be surprised at the bizarre decision making of the man that walks around in those jeans. I can see why he thinks he can save the British High Street, the stylish cunt. There'll still be people there for the first game though. They'd be there if Ashley announced he was going to have a muckspreader whipping hot fresh horse shit directly into their faces. Which might be preferable to watching Steve Bruce's Newcastle.
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    Graves as well first publishing a tweet saying people should give Bruce a chance because Sir Bobby rated him and as he is a friend of Shearer, then deleting the tweet after causing the foreseeable reaction and announcing giving Twitter a break. Apart from thinking that Bruce would be a good football decision my main problem is the total and utter contempt Mr Cunty McCuntcunt and his stooges is obviously showing regarding the feeling of the supporters.
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    Simon Jordan will be falling all over himself to tell us that we wanted a Geordie and it's our fault when we are relegated by Christmas.
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    Funny you should mention that....
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    Bruce is a championship manager. A top manager would have his work cut out to keep us up, appointing Bruce would ensure relegation. It would be such an incompetent appointment on so many levels and so doomed to failure that I almost hope it’s true. However in reality its much too early for them to have a manager lined up, the season hasn’t kicked off yet.
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    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9464840/pack-of-steak-vladimir-putin-face/ 'EXCLUSIVE'
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    Remember when all was sunny with an imminent takeover, Rafa taking us forward, and Sun'lun losing in the playoffs?
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