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    Making a Molester , Season 2 for that Sunderland Netflix special
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    Sex Attackers Football Club
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    They’ve been linked with Ched Evans today. They must be close to a full “Arsehole Bingo” Card by now
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    What a rotten fucking club. That whole classy thing is biting them on the arse harder than anyone could have imagined
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    Watching Sunderland til I die and the first fan on says "Sunderland used to be the biggest ship building town in the world" start as you mean to go on I guess.
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    At least it’s not hard ons for little kids eh.
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    I know someone on here who's male, however they're a massive fanny. Will that do?
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    Absolutely no reason to buy anyone after tonight’s performance. It would just be an unnecessary use of Mike’s funds which are desperately needed to buy up failing high st stores
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    Basically 50 pink faced fuckheads, the very epitome of the establishment, have steered us successfully towards a cliff edge, and the mongs that voted for it are convinced they're getting one over on the establishment. Wait til the fucking dopes can't afford their groceries. Fuck the lot of them.
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    I know Ched Evans was eventually found not guilty of rape, but it's mental for them, on a day that they've had a 2nd member of staff arrested for grooming a child, to pick him as the striker they want to sign. Even if his worst crime is shagging a mortal lass, straight after his mate, and behind his girlfriend's back, it's still not exactly in keeping with their "classy, family club" shite they portray
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    Why can’t we just reinvest the massive wedge we get from the TV deal like every other bastard club?
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    The point is that Corbyn has been sitting on his hands since the referendum offering no fucking alternative. He hasn't tried to bring anyone with him because he doesn't even have a clear position on Brexit. He's literally been standing back watching the whole mess unfold hoping to rule over the ashes of our country post-Brexit. If he'd been banging on about a second referendum for the past year then there's a good fucking chance that there would be much more public support for it which would give the option more legitimacy in parliament. The man is a fucking charlatan and an intellectual pigmy.
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    Enough Tory rebels seem to vote against her, that a Labour leader with an actual plan or point of view could capitalise, but it doesn't matter because the country has no leadership at all. This is the worst kind of 'governing by consensus', it's a collective of people who have no idea what they're doing, no overall strategy or goal, and as such they're voting all over the place with no unified outcome in mind. Hence we get contradictions like yesterday. That is why we'll end up with No Deal. May - and this is fucking unbelievable for me - actually has to win this. She has to. I actually want Theresa May to win now, mostly because it gives me an extra 2 years to escape. That's how abhorrent this has become. She's created an absolute nightmare and has somehow managed to get to a point where I actually support her because, and it depresses me more than anything to say this, Corbyn has utterly failed to take a stand on this and create meaningful opposition to it. Just as Renton and ewerk, to be fair to them, have said for years. Even in the past two months he could have changed the course of this by just fucking standing up for 48% of the country. Corbyn will never be PM - not because he's too left wing, but because he's a fucking coward.
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    Hopefully the loan is for £140m leaving £160m as the sale price and he fucks off.
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    From the point of view of maintaining the country, this is an absolute disgrace. No one in Labour should have voted against anything that was going to make May's life easier on political principle anyway, but to take us right to the edge of the abyss with no plan whatsoever, and no information suggesting that there is actually any positive outcome from no deal, is irresponsible to the point of surely being criminal. This is major economic harm we're talking about. When this goes through, honestly, I think there should be a political inquisition. What is also clear, is that Labour's stance on this is making the whole thing even worse. The reason parliament is all over the place is mostly because Corbyn won't wake the fuck up. May can't wake up, she needs to go on with this delusion, but there is nothing compelling Corbyn to do the same. Nothing. He is now another person prepared to throw the country under the bus to win a GE. The thing is, I won't fucking vote for this. Even if my vote was the deciding vote between a Tory government and a Labour one, I wouldn't vote. I am done with supporting this hopeless mess of a political system. None of them give a shit about what is best for the country minus a few principled people across the house - there is no one to rally around to oppose the government because Corbyn refuses to be that man - it's pathetic. Beyond pathetic. It's doubtful now that No Deal will even break the Tories since we seem to have allowed them to manufacture a way to blame everything on the EU - so the only good reason for no deal to happen is now out of the window. Honestly, I'm looking at this and just thinking yeah, maybe I should just fucking leave the country. Maybe I should.
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    I think the referee was applying the rule perfectly. He waited for a moment what was happening before making the decision. If Rondon had scored directly he would not have ruled it out.
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    They can call us all horse punchers though, because of the actions of a bloke who hadn’t even attended the match that day. If ever a set of fans deserved everything coming to them
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    It’s becoming their House Special.
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    I bucked one for a bit but turns out she didn’t know who Robbie Elliott was so bit of a gobshite, really. Canny lazy between the sheets as well so you want to look elsewhere, my friend
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    Long time no see. It’s still the same place with mostly the same cunts, just that you can now use the word as Cath isn’t around anymore...
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    Excellent i did hope this would be the case but didnt get round to checking! Thanks alex
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    I think you mean try to portray
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    Just need the ghost of Max Clifford to sign up as their PR man and they're done.
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    I do find it strange and worrying that after making a profit on transfers and hardly any spending in the summer that we do have to take a loan to make signings. Rafa will know that he will never get the money he needs from this owner.
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    Pushed by villian rafa into getting the club into debt.
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    But the stats don't really bear this out. Do you think Sunderland will ever vote for other than Labour? I think trying to appease UKip gammons is morally wrong, cowardly, and ultimately counter productive.
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    If he had banged on about it, he could have taken the country with him and moved us for a softer version of Brexit if nothing else. He's added nothing. He's done nothing. Come on man, I was his biggest supporter and even I have to accept that he's been a total waste of space. Worse in fact, he's the very definition of a useful idiot.
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    The tories and the dup have a parliamentary majority - they vote along party lines - it wouldn't have mattered one iota who was opposition leader and given the Hoeys of this world there were no amendments that could have been passed.
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    here man, ah lived in the north east for 18 year and was a propa fucking geordie, reet, an that
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    I never knew that Jonas was so musically talented. Gives Nobby a run for his money there.
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    Finland are sending Darude to Eurovision. In 2019. Which is nice, because there's never a bad time to revisit this:
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    The spirit of September 17th 1997. Oasis playing the Arena whilst Tino was playing Barca.
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    Fucking hell Some of the replies are ridiculous mind - Christ - as if Newcastle fans didn’t have big enough hard-ons already Mags composing songs already One of their own staff members gets accused of this (again) and for some of them their first reaction is to think about us Really shows their mentality
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    Feels good to wake up to a home win, let alone one against a top side. Hopefully this gives them that confidence boost they've so badly needed and can get something a Spurs at the weekend. I have to say they looked more organised and committed than they have done all season last night, hopefully Lascelles and Lejeune can ignite that partnership that worked so well last season.
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    Aye, would be typical of this ownership if there wasn’t. The commentator on this is an arsehole yet again, first saying De Bruyne shouldn’t have been sent off when even Guardiola was angered by him making a rash tackle and promptly subbed him off. He then clearly wanted to say Perez should have been sent off, caught himself then justified it by saying Perez’s tackle was more cynical . Finally he then said the ref should have played advantage rather than giving a pen, aye it’d definitely have been more to our advantage to have our striker with a shot at a narrow angle on goal while being closed down by a keeper with a man covering behind than it would having a pen. What a tit, it makes results like this all the sweeter knowing little ‘big club’ brown nosers like that are fuming.
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    Aye, a decent point away at Swansea
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    Class. Shades of the Man U game last season which kickstarted our fightback. I'm a little bit in love with Longstaff, Rondon and Dubravka
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    30 labour MPs planning to abstain or vote against Cooper. Fuck everyone in that place.
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    I think we're all beginning to lose sight of the real issue here, which is: what are we going to call ourselves? I think it comes down to a choice between the ‘League Against Cockney Arseholes’ or, my own personal preference, which is the ‘Committee for the Hasty Removal of Ignorant Southern Tosspots Masquerading As Skilled Trustees of Regional Established Enterprises’. One drawback with that - the abbreviation is ‘CHRISTMAS TREE’.
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    I came on expecting my back catalogue being on
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